Who/What Wiccans Worship

In general Wiccans are polytheists meaning they worship more that one god. Usually a Wiccan has a certain pantheon they follow (greek, roman, egyptian, norse, celtic, ect). That being said although some Wiccans believe in the actual dieties like christians believe there is a physical god, most don’t. I don’t. Some believe in just the god and goddess, and other’s believe in a whole bunch of gods and goddesses So I am going to use a little analogy to explain what I mean.

What I, and many other Wiccans believe in is the source energy. This source energy is in everything in the universe including you and me, making us all a little bit of a god/goddess. It’s really hard though to picture energy and worship it. So what many Wiccans do is they personify this source energy. To further explain this, picture a tree. This tree represents the source energy. Now divide this tree in half vertically. Half is masculine, half is feminine which means half is god and half is goddess. Now there are branches on this tree. They represent the different aspects of the world (war, sun, moon, agriculture, marriage, fertility, ocean, sky, ect) The leaves on the branches are the gods and goddess that correspond to the different aspects. My pantheon is greek so all my examples will be greek. So war is Ares, fertility and marriage is Hera, sky is Zeus, moon is Artemis, etc. All these gods and goddesses are just personified pieces of the source energy that help me visualize what/who I am worshipping.

Like I said some people would actually believe that the gods and goddesses live in Olympus, just not most.

As for the source energy, it is in everything which is why Wicca is a nature based religion. We revere the source energy and the source energy is scattered all through out nature.

Please leave any comments you have! Merry Meet and Blessed Be.

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