Health benefits (herb and oil):


The diluted oil can be used to speed recovery of illnesses, (you can dilute the oil with coconut oil) or use the herb in a scrub to help with skin infections to boost healing, diluted oil can be taken orally to help with allergies, oil mixed with olive oil can be put on sore muscles and joints, dried oregano can be mixed with other herbs to create a facial steam to help with congestion and coughing. Warning: Oregano oil is not considered safe while pregnant. The herb is though.

Magickal Properties:

It is ruled by Venus and the element air. It is associated with Aphrodite. It is used in spells to bring happiness, tranquility, luck, health, protection, and letting go of a loved one. Can be used to deepen existing love. It can also be used to increase psychic dreams when used at night. It can be used to bring joy whether it is bringing joy in a handfasting or to help a deceased loved one find happiness in their next life.

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