Weekly Tarot Reading: April 22nd-28th 2018

Spread of the week

So this week is kind of a big week to do a reading for, as tomorrow is my first day out of school and first day of doing my practicum, working in the field. So this week is going to be a big change for me. And the cards definitely showed that. So after shuffling and pulling cards the picture below is what I had to work with.


My week as a whole: Page of wands

Wands talks about creativity, spiritual consideration, and will power. A page card has to do with preparing yourself to succeed and something. Also feeling hesitant or not feeling fully prepared for a task. A dragon in a card often symbolizes protection and confidence. Due to is being reversed the overall tone of this week is that I am not confident in my ability to succeed this week. I am not as prepared as I hoped and my creativity is lacking (or at least I feel it is).

Something unexpected that will arise: Five of Swords Reversed

Swords is about mental issues and communication. The number five is about change and challenges It says there will be a lot to handle and when a big decision comes to slow down and take 5 before making it. Black birds which you can see in the tarot card often represent knowledge, understanding, intuition, and thoughtfulness. The blood/red in the card seems to speak about anger and emotional outburst (which we see more about later). The card is in reversed so it seems to be saying that I am going to experience a lot of mental challenges and that it will seem like a lot is going on at once. Despite this I just need to keep going because I will be able to handle it. When it comes time to make a big decision this week I will have the combination of knowledge and intuition so I just need to pause and think about it first.

How I can stay grounded and balanced: Justice reversed

So firstly it is important to remember that because this card is a major arcana card it is going to be a key point about this week. When this card is reversed it means dishonesty, unaccountable, and unfairness. So having said that in order to keep grounded and balanced it will be key to stay honest, accountable, and fair.

Important emotion I will feel this week: The Tower

So funny enough when this placement means important it really does mean important as this is another arcana card. All though this card looks devastating, it doesn’t have to be. What it means is that there is going to be a groundbreaking change. Presumably I would say it is the transition from school life to work life. It also talks about the possible argument the five of swords alluded to. The tower card says it is important during this argument to watch what you say and make sure not to hurt anyone’s feelings. Also in this card there are lots of white birds. Often times white birds are considered to be messengers and come when the end of a storm is near. They also represent peace. So this says that despite everything going up in the air and maybe feeling lost there will be a sense of peace at the end of the storm.

Something that will inspire me: Four of Swords reversed

Swords as we know is about mental issues and communication. The number four is about foundation, stability, and security. It also talks about how clarity is important to work effectively. Also, if you are in a place you want to be in you need to work to maintain it. The roses you can see in the card represent balance and new beginnings. Due to the card being reversed it would seem that due to this new beginning I lack stability and security. This lack of comfort will inspire me to find clarity so I can achieve stability and security and overall work better.

How my Spirit Guides speak to me this week: Three of Pentacles reversed.

Pentacles are about financial and physical conditions. The number three is about energies being scattered and spreading myself too thin. Having said that I think this card is saying my spirit guides will make themselves known when my energies are scattered and I’ve spread myself too thin. I also have a feeling that when they do communicate with me it will be to remind myself to ground and balance myself.

How to best support myself this week: Six of Pentacles.

So as we know pentacles are about financial and physical conditions. Six though is about peace and quiet. It is also about keeping harmony with myself and surroundings, to stop and take a breath, and to create a comfortable pattern. The card itself seems to be quite literal for the situation. It seems to be saying in order to support myself I need to take pauses to make sure I keep calm and find time to relax.

Over all it seems like it will be a crazy week but hopefully it will be the start of an amazing journey. Do you see something important in the cards that you think I missed? Please feel free to leave any thoughts or questions in the comments. Thank you so much for reading and make sure you subscribe so you get a notification when I post. Merry Meet and Blessed Be.


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