Weekly Tarot Reading: Beltane reading

Hi everyone! Today I did a reading for Beltane since it is coming up tomorrow and the day after. I thought it might be fun to give you something to use in any rituals and divination you may be doing for the Sabbat.

Position 1: Safety. Emotional security. What you need to feel safe. Where are you secure in yourself? A seemingly negative card describes a situation that needs your focused attention. Work with the energy of that card to produce feelings of safety.
Position 2: Abundance. Feelings of plenty. Abundance may encompass monetary prosperity, but it also describes the emotional breadth of your life that is full and sweet. A challenging card directs you to constricted energy flow; by releasing the block of a challenging card, emotional abundance will follow.
Position 3: Regeneration. Exploring the possibilities. The bold action needed to grow and flourish. A challenging card will show you the block that keeps you from your heart’s desire.
Position 4: Love. Emotions and relationships. All forms of love, from friendship to sexual passion. Only you know your heart. Look at the suit of the card: what does it tell you about your life right now? (Wands = passion or anger; Cups = love or friendship; Swords = loving the intellect, heartache, or painful decisions; Pentacles = sensuality, the body, or the value you place on love; Court Cards = personal characteristics in your relationships; Major Arcana cards = the big picture, karma, or the spiritual aspects of your relationships.)
Position 5: The Future. The present conceivable outcome based on the flow of cards one through four. What story do the cards tell? The lessons to be learned and the potential for growth. How does position three, regeneration, relate to the future?

So after doing this reading I have found that this Beltane I need to focus still on my transition from school to work and self reflecting about my romantic relationship. I’ll break it down and show you how I came to this conclusion.

The cards I drew.

Emotional Security: King of Swords Reversed

Firstly, swords connects back to intellect. Also the king card refers to a completion point, a cycle being complete, and to either consolidate your current position or to begin a new cycle. Due to the fact that this card is reversed I seems to be suggesting I need to focus on starting my new journey. I’m caught up in the idea of school even though its done. In order to feel secure I need to embrace the new change which is work.

What am I abundant in: The Fool Reversed

This card when in reverse means that one is living in the moment and not planning for their future. Anything that may sound too good to be true may indeed be too good to be true. I think it relates to me because I have been depending on the idea of getting hired out of practicum, and not thinking about the possibility that I don’t. I think this is suggesting that to make a back of plan or I will lack abundance.

Exploring Possibilities: Ten of Swords

As we said before swords talks about intellect. The number 10 though talks about the ending and the beginning. It is a point of transition. Also to put your best effort in and to not be okay with just being average. I think this cards for me means that it is time to explore possibilities and move on to the next stage (work and not school). But that if I am going to commit to this change that I can’t settle for mediocrity. I need to try my best and be great at what I do.

Love and Relationships: Judgement

This card says that this a the time to reflect and evaluate ourselves and our actions. It is a period of awakening and that you are coming close to a significant point in your life where you must start to evaluate yourself. I think for me this means I’m going to have a big decision to make in my love life soon and I need to evaluate how I feel in the relationship.

The Future: The Hermit

This cards talks about seeking knowledge from within. It also is about contemplating the need to be alone. You are making an effort to take actions that are authentic and true to you. You’re searching your inner soul for guidance on what is right and what your next steps should be. For me I think it means that in the near future it is going to be important to do some inner reflection. The spread says to relate this card back to the 3rd card about regeneration but my intuition is telling me to relate this card to the 4th card instead. I think a decision is coming in my love life where I’m going to need to think about whats best for me.

So that’s this weeks reading. I hope you get good use out of this spread this Beltane. Feel free to let me know if you think I missed anything or to leave any thoughts or questions in the comments. Thanks for reading and make sure to subscribe so you can get notifications whenever I post. Merry Meet and Blessed Be.

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