Weekly Tarot Reading: Stay or Go Relationship Spread

Hi everyone! Sorry for the late post. I was doing my Beltane celebrations on Sunday and miscalculated time. I did this reading yesterday and am just typing everything up now. Since last week seemed to focus on my relationship with my partner I thought it would be fun to do a relationship spread. To be clear though, I was never thinking about leaving but thought the spread looked fun and might give some perspective to our relationship as a whole.

Spread I did

Doing this spread was great for me. It reminded me how grateful I am to have this man in my life and how much we love each other. At the same time though it reminded me on things we can work on to make our relationship the very best it can be.

The cards I pulled

Current State: King of Cups Reversed

Firstly, the suit of cups talks about emotions and relationships. Although I obviously believe in the tarot I always get a little excited when the cards pull so literally, it really confirms to me that what I’m doing is legit. So when I pulled a card about relationships first for a relationship spread I got a smile out of that. Next, lets talk about king card. Normally a king card talks about a completion point and how it’s time to more on to the next new beginning. But this card is reversed which to me suggests that our relationship is not at a completion point and that our relationship is going to continue.

Why Stay: The Sun

So something important to notice right off the bat is that this card is a Major Arcana which means the message this card has to give is more important than the others and so we should pay extra close attention. The sun card talks about success, abundance, radiance, strength, and vitality. This card brings joy and happiness. It also talks about having so much joy that others around you experience your joy. It also talks about radiating love and affection. So to sum up I should stay because they amount of joy and happiness this relationship brings to me is unreal.

Why go: Nine of wands reversed

So wands in general is about creativity, spiritual consideration, and will power. Given what I have interpreted from this card it is about spiritual consideration. The number nine is about tolerance for the many differences among different peoples. It is also about being comfortable dedicating your life to others welfare/worthy cause. This card is reversed and what I have gathered from it is saying that we are not in the same place spiritually. That while my partner has tolerance for my faith he does not understand it. It is also talks about his lack of readiness to commit yet or at least that I feel he isn’t.

How I’ll feel Staying: Three of Wands Reversed

Once again the wands card is about creativity, spiritual consideration, and willpower. The number three however is about seeing the big picture, a relationship taking form, action, growth, development, and a tendency to leap before looking. It also says that all these expansions can happen too fast. This card is reversed and how I feel it is to be interpreted is that my relationship will take form but it will take it’s time and not form too fast. We’ll grow and develop in our own calculated time.

How I’ll feel Leaving: The Fool Reversed

So once again we have another Major Arcana card which means the message here is important and shouldn’t be taken seriously. This card reversed often means actually feeling like a fool. No planning of the future, recklessness, and lack of thought. To me it sounds like if I were to leave I’d feel like a fool. That my whole life plans would be gone and flushed away. That if I were to leave it would be reckless and not thought through.

Overall Advice: Ten of Swords

Swords talks about mental and communication issues. The number ten is about endings and beginnings. You’ve got whatever you are going to get out of the situation. If you’ve become complacent that you need to challenge yourself and reach for a higher level. For me I think it means to not bring up old arguments in a new one. That I’ve gotten whatever I’m going to get from the old fight already. End the fight and start a new beginning. It also says we’ve gotten comfortable so we need to challenge each other, our relationship, and ourselves to make the most of us.

So that’s it for this weeks reading. Let me know if you think I missed something, have any thoughts, or question in the comments. Please subscribe so you can get notifications when I post! Merry Meet and Blessed Be!

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