Tarot Series~Major Arcana Card 4: The Emperor

Hi all! Sorry for being behind on posts. It was the long weekend and I went camping with my boyfriend Tristen, so we had no internet for posting. I will make sure we catch up and don’t lose any content this week!


When pulled upright it talks about control, authority, regulations, organization, and fatherliness. When you pick him in a reading it means you have a chance to grow through the goals you have set for yourself. Your future will be successful as long as you continue to pursue your goals in the way the emperor would, methodically and strategically.  You could be getting put in charge of something important. This something important maybe something at work or any organization/institution that needs order and a clear decisive mind.

When pulled reversed this can talk about abused authoritative power. When talking about your social life it can be about overreach of power from a father figure or a controlling partner. When talking about your career it can be about about a superior. It represents a man who wants to take control of you and make you feel powerless. It could also be about you being a weak ruler or maybe you would like a job that has more freedom and flexibility. On a personal level this can be about a lack of self-control and the inability to handle situations.

This spread is for looking at your situation, goals, maintenance, and general upkeep of your life. First I would take out the emperor card and meditate on what you want to know from the spread. The shuffle and pull the cards using the method you see fit but lay the cards face down and flip them as you read each position.


Card 1: This card represents you in command, how you go about things.

Card 2: This card represents things you can control.

Card 3: This card represents things you can’t control.

Card 4: These are things to discard, situations or attitudes that no longer serve you.

Card 5: This card represents things to keep in a modified form, things to prune.

Card 6: These are things that need maintaining.

Card 7: This is the result or goal you would like to reach, your ideal ordered situation or world, or, where this is headed.

Card 8: This card represents an unexpected result, unforeseen or secondary consequences, something to be aware of.

Card 9: This card represents your willpower, your desire for this thing, which can overcome the odds.


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