Relationship with Prayer

Today, I am going to talk about prayer. Growing up as a Christian I prayed a lot. I prayed probably every night for like an hour. Something that hasn’t changed, despite my change in religion, is that when I pray I often like to talk to deity as if I am talking to a friend. So I used to have these long winded conversations with the Christian’s idea of God. Then I stopped following the Christian faith, so I stopped praying. Then when I found Wicca I had associated it so much with Christianity (which was something I was totally turned off from) that I let myself believe that prayer was still unimportant in Wicca. Every once in a while when I was feeling really troubled and desperate for help I’d pray to Gaia about it. But even that made me uncomfortable. Then I read a book over the weekend called Living Wicca by Scott Cunningham (marvelous read by the way) which talked about prayer and it has started to change my mind.


Who is to say that prayer should only be for a Christian God that I no longer believe in? What gives that guy the right to prayer and not the deities I worship now. They are just as, if not more, worthy than that God. In Scott Cunningham’s book he talks about there being 3 types of prayer. There is prayer for help, prayer for thanks, and prayer for celebration. While I agree that those are all important reasons for prayer I still think that feeling open and connected with deity enough just for a chat is great and I hope to get into the routine of doing it again. Cunningham also talks about how one should start a prayer to the god and goddess: “O goddess within; O God within; O Goddess of the moon, waters, and earth; O God of the Forests and Mountains,” . This is much like the Christian “Dear God,” but more formal. And since it is so formal I think it makes sense to say such a phrase in a formal prayer (one for thanks, need, or celebration) but when it comes to just conversation between you and deity I think it is suffice to just address who you are talking to without all the elegance. I feel as though deity wants us to connect with them on such a level that we feel comfortable to be ourselves when speaking with them (as long as we remember when warranted that they are indeed deities and we are but just people). 


In a sort of subcategory within each of the main 3 prayers are some types of prayer that I think are important. There are morning prayers, night time prayers, prayers before food, and many more. Some of these prayers that I found in Living Wicca that I really enjoy are these listed below.

Morning prayer:

Bless this day, sun of fiery light.

Bless this day; prepare me for the night

Before sleep prayer:

O’ gracious Goddess,

O’ gracious God, I now enter the realm of dreams

Weave now, if you will, a web of protective light around me.

Guard both my sleeping form and my spirit.

Watch over me

Until the sun once again

Rules the earth.

O’ gracious Goddess,

O’ gracious God, be with me through the night.

Mealtime prayer:

O Goddess within,

O God within,

I now partake of the fertility of the earth.

Bless this food with your love.


I really do hope to make these prayers part of my routine. I encourage you to either create or find formal prayers to do each day for the God and Goddess (or whoever/whatever you worship) as well as find time each day to connect with the God and Goddess in prayer on a personal level.

I hope this post helped you think about you and your feelings about prayer. What’s your relationship like with prayer? If you have any thoughts or questions feel free to let me know in the comments. Make sure you subscribe so you can get notifications when I post. Until next time. Merry Meet and Blessed Be.

6 thoughts on “Relationship with Prayer”

  1. Prayer does actually predate Christianity, something that many Pagans either don’t know or refuse to accept. If someone feels like praying, go for it. Do it because it brings you peace, do it because it connects you.

    I didn’t used to pray, mostly because I had my spells and magic and didn’t feel the need to ask my Gods and Spirits for things. If I had a problem, I could take care of it myself, right? Then in 2014, my middle son was very ill and nearly died, I didn’t have the strength or focus to perform the healing spells he needed. Kuan Yin and Green Tara reached out to me. For the first time, I found myself on my knees, praying to Them to save him.

    Since then, I do pray here and there, more often than not, asking my Gods and Spirits for help. They want me to pray to Them more, having told me that I can’t handle everything, that I must accept my limits. That it’s okay to ask Them for help.

    Also hymn and prayer (two things strongly associated with Christianity, [and predate it]) are pretty important to my religion/tradition, whatever one wants to call Hellenic Polytheism. They’re an important part of our ritual structure, so that definitely helps in my task to learn and do more of it. 🙂

    If anyone’s interested in more modern styles of prayer or hymns, they can check out the Pagan side of Tumblr, as there’s a lot of writers of prayers and hymns with lots of stuff already written, but some do take requests, especially if you have something in mind–a subject that you just can’t find. Especially if one’s like me, and they ain’t the best with writing or words.


    1. Thank you for sharing. I hope your son has healed. I’ll definitely check out the hymns and prayers. Blessed be ❤️


    1. Well I was raised Christian and then when I was 14 or 15 (my dad had suffered, but survived, through cancer at this point), my great aunt got really sick, and I was pretty depressed and I just couldn’t fathom how a god thats supposed to be almighty and loving could let people suffer. I knew how Christian’s justified the cruelty but it just didn’t make sense to me. I’m sure there were numerous other things happening in my life that contributed to it but that is what tipped it over the edge. Thanks for the question and reading!


      1. Thx for opening up and sharing!! We all have those moments in life where it feels like life is crumbling around us… I’m sorry u went through that.. as long as u have found something to hold on to and to help sustain you then I’m happy for u.. we all need a source of peace to draw from in troubling times.. again thx for responding!!..

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