Tarot Series~Major Arcana Card 9: The Hermit


When pulled upright this card is about seeking knowledge from within. You are currently contemplating your need to be alone. Don’t be afraid to take the chance to reflect as it can really clear your mind of all the everyday clutter. It may also be saying when you take action make sure it is authentic and in line with your true self. This card can also suggest that someone is going to enter your life and they will take on the role of a mentor. I feel also that when talking about love it can suggest that it may be best for you to be single right now or at least take some time for yourself so you can figure out who you are without the distractions of others.

When pulled in reverse this card is about, despite wanting to be alone you may be in a situation where being alone may be harmful to yourself and others. Although it is important to self reflect, don’t get lost inside your head for it may drive you mad. Don’t forget those around you. When talking about work this card in reverse means you are prepared to get to the bottom of something that has been troubling you for a while. The time for reflection is done and you are now ready to act.

This is a tarot spread that focuses on the hermit. I would recommend taking the hermit card out of your deck and meditate on it while thinking of yourself all alone. Then shuffle and pull the cards as you see fit.


Card 1: This card represents you in solitude, your true self. This is your quietest and most centered self, undistracted and relaxed. Can also represent things that help you to center, or reasons why you find you are not centered.

Cards 2 and 3: These represent your path, where you have been, and which direction you are heading. Which is which? Do you want to be on this path?

Card 4: This is your inner light, your potential, what you can accomplish when you are centered, or that which obscures it, and keeps it from shining.

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