Tarot Series~Major Arcana Card 11: Justice


When pulled upright this card is about decisions having long-term effects for both you and others. This card means a judgement will be made fairly and accordingly. If you have been wronged this card can give you a sense of relief but if you have wronged someone else then this card serves as a warning. Her presence allows you to change your actions now for a better future. Another way to interpret this card is it is time to find the truth. Not the truth that comes from word of mouth but of actual facts. Before making judgements know this truth.

When pulled in reverse this card is about possibly living in denial. You are not accepting the consequences on your actions or of others. You have done things in the past and you are trying to run away from the guilt but they are in the past and so there is no use running from it. What you need to do is make sure you are making better decisions and actions today so you can better your future.

Here is a tarot spread that focuses on the Justice card. This spread is great for when you need advice on making a fair judgement. First take the justice card out of the deck and meditate on it while thinking about a decision you have to make that you want advice on. Then shuffle and pull the cards as you see fit.


Card 1: This card represents one point of view, one side of the matter, one choice or decision.

Card 2: This card represents the other side, the flip side, an opposing but connected view, the other choice or decision.

Card 3: This card represents an aspect of the first side that perhaps you hadn’t considered; it gives depth, a more complete picture, revealing hidden strengths or conflicts.

Card 4: This card is like card 3, but it defines the second choice or side more clearly.

Card 5: This card is the balance, the weight that is adjusted to bring the two into balance, a compromise that is equitable to both. Or, it can represent advice in a decision as to which is the stronger choice

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