An interview: An agnostic dating a Wiccan

So after doing an interview on myself about what it is like being a Wiccan dating an Agnostic I thought it would be interesting to see my boyfriends side and get him to answer questions about what it is like being an Agnostic dating a Wiccan. I hope you enjoy hearing his answers as much as I did.

What did you think Wicca was before you had a Wiccan partner?

The only exposure I had to Wicca before dating a Wiccan was how media would portray it (mostly from the TV show Supernatural) which of course displays them with mostly malicious intent. To say I knew a little about Wiccans would be an overstatement of my knowledge. (maybe still is)

Were you surprised when you found out your partner was Wiccan?

Not really. She was in the middle of an early life crisis, having dropped out of university, struggling to find a job, and overall really didn’t have a defined path in her life. In such a period of life, where everything is up in the air, is where a lot of soul searching needs to be done to find out what you really believe. And being with her through that, I was pretty prepared for whatever revelations she may experience.

What’s your favourite part about having a Wiccan partner?

My favourite part of having a Wiccan partner is her appreciation of the outdoors, and nature. I get very happy when I see her just sitting outside, enjoying the nature around her. I get to experience this in the summertime because we like to go camping and hiking, which is always very enjoyable.

What is the most challenging thing about having a Wiccan partner?

The most challenging part of having a Wiccan partner is being supportive of the parts that I don’t understand. I can fully get behind the appreciation of nature, and other elements that are clearly visible in life, but it is much more difficult to try and understand the machinations of rituals, tarot readings, pendulum stuff, etc. I have absolutely no problem with her doing it, that will never be a problem, but it is challenging to continue to be an attentive partner, listening to her talk about it. Since I don’t personally believe in it, it is challenging to stay engaged.

Do you like it when your Wiccan partner includes you in their celebrations? Why or why not?

I am more than happy to partake in parts of celebrations that I can understand, like going on walks to appreciate nature, but I tend to let my partner do the more ritualistic celebrations on her own. I think this benefits the both of us, as I have no interest in partaking and we both know that if I made myself attend, it would likely lower the enjoyment for her as well.

Do you mind your partner doing spells or divination for you?

She is more than welcome to do spells and divination on me, so long as it is known that I don’t believe in the practice. I don’t think it is fair to either party if I “pretend” for the sake of pleasing someone. Just as they can’t change their beliefs on a whim, neither can I. For example, my partner performed reiki on me one night so that she could practice. I have no problem with this, as we both went in knowing that I didn’t believe in it.

Do you have any advice for wiccan’s in the “broomcloset” coming out about their faith to their partner?

If your partner has any sort of negative reaction to who you are, then they’re not a proper partner for you. It’s as simple as that. As I mentioned above, it did not surprise me in the least, nor did I care in the least, that my partner was Wiccan. Nor should it matter to anyone else. If anyone has the audacity to claim that their way is the right way, in a subject as murky and un-provable as religion, then they are too thick-skulled to even consider being in a relationship with. Just tell them. It’ll probably be the easiest litmus test you’ll ever do to see if they’re a reasonable, open-minded human being,

Any other thoughts or feelings about being agnostic while dating a Wiccan?

As long as both parties are respectful of each other’s beliefs, and do not try to impose their views on one another, then everything should go smoothly. In terms of agnostic-specific advice, we literally take no sides on the whole religion argument. Therefore, it makes our job really easy to stay out of the way and let our partner practice whatever they want.

Thank you for reading! If you have any thoughts or questions please leave them in the comments. Make sure you follow my blog and my twitter so you get notifications on when I post. Until next time, Merry Meet and Blessed Be.

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