Tarot Series~Major Arcana Card 21: The World


When pulled upright it is about experiencing a great unity and wholeness. It marks when your inner world and outer world (self and other) become one. Some traditions call this experience enlightenment or nirvana. This happens when you recognize you are profoundly linked with all other things and all living things all move to one rhythm. This card is also about fulfilment, achievements, and completion. Everything you have been working on is beginning to pay off. You have completed a major milestone and through this have become resilient enough to get through life’s challenges. When this card comes up it can speak of the completion of a major milestone such as a long-term project, study, birth of a child, marriage, graduation, or anything else like that. This card can also show that you want to give back to your community.

When pulled in reverse this card can show that you are reaching the end of an era. You may have a bunch of accomplishments but when you look back on them you may still feel an emptiness yet to be filled. You may feel like something is missing from your life. Maybe you aren’t feeling connected to what you’re doing or to others. Only you can figure out what is missing.

Here is a tarot spread that focuses on the world card. This spread is great for finding what brings you joy. First I would take the world card out of the deck and meditate while focusing on what joy feels like to you. Then I would shuffle the cards and pull them using your preferred method.


Card 1: This represents what brings you joy and what makes you whole; or, what you need to get there and what you have to deal with; the issues that block your happiness.

The other cards represent the gifts of the four elements, all the ingredients needed to be complete and whole.

Card 2: This card represents the element of earth: meaning the body and material things. This includes basic, simple pleasures, like food, shelter and sex–tangible resources and useful stuff.

Card 3: This card represents the element of water: your intuition, meaningful dreams that can help you define your wants and needs, your soul’s work; and your emotional gifts.

Card 4: This card represents the element of air: your intelligence, knowledge you have, the ability through experience to decide and discern.

Card 5: This card represents the element of fire: this is your passion, the source of your energy (or what’s blocking it), life, that which energizes and inspires you.

Pay attention to which suits fall in which positions: cards that reinforce the position (for example cups in the water position) indicate strength in that area, whereas suits that oppose the position (for example wands in the water position) may point to a need to work on that aspect of yourself to bring yourself into balance.

Thanks for reading everyone! This is the end of the major Arcana part of the series. Are you enjoying the series so far? Let me know in the comments along with any other thoughts or questions. Also, make sure to follow me here and on twitter so you get notifications on when I post. Until next time, Merry Meet and Blessed Be!

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