Tarot Series~Minor Arcana: Two of Wands


When pulled upright this card is about planning and moving forward. It is about progressing. You’ve already made a plan and now it is time to start achieving what you’ve planned for. Another meaning of the two of wands is discovery. You are stepping out of your bubble and experiencing new things. This card can also mean you are starting to realize your long-term goals. This card can also revolve around making decisions. You are either happy with the knowledge you have or you’re moving forward and taking risks. This is about leaving your comfort zone and exploring new things.

When pulled in reverse this card is about you need to make some long term goals. Identify what is important to you and then make plans around it to achieve your goals. This card can also means you have missing important parts in your plans for the future. Not planning properly could be the cause of your downfall. This card can also be overconfidence and lack of patience.

Here is a tarot spread that should help you reach your goals. Take out the two of wands and focus on it as your meditate. While you meditate think about what goals you want to complete. After this you can shuffle and pull the cards as you see fit.


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