Tarot Series~Minor Arcana: Page of Wands


When pulled upright this card is about there being something within you, encouraging you to make discoveries, investments, or take new steps in life. Perhaps you have something you want to do but there is some sort of conflicting message keeping you from doing it. This card represents this conflict that is within you, keeping you from showing the world that you exist for a reason. If one is wise this card will encourage you to be courageous. It should make you get over your conflicts and inner turmoil so you can reach your goals. Get rid of all your fear and do something! Do everything your mind is set on. Show the world who you are and that you aren’t someone to mess with. This card shows you a level success that can only be reached by being courageous.

When pulled in reverse this card is about having a bunch of ideas but not being able to go anywhere with them. Here is an example that happens quite often. Maybe you have this idea for a blog and you start it and have super high hopes for it to take off but it just never does. In this situation you are likely to do a reading and get the page of wands. When you get this card in reverse take it as a sign that maybe you should put your time into other ventures.

Here is a tarot spread that can help you find your courage. First I would take out the page of wands and mediate on it while thinking about what it is you want more courage to do. Then shuffle and pull your cards using your preferred method.


Thank you so much for reading. Has the page of wands been calling you? Tell me about it in the comments along with any other thoughts or questions you have. Make sure you follow me here and on twitter so you get notifications on when I post and when I upload youtube videos. Until next time, Merry Meet and Blessed Be.

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