Tarot Series~Minor Arcana: Two of Cups


When pulled upright this card is about a relationship that was built on a good foundation. How you feel emotionally is very much dependent on the emotions of your partner. You two are a very strong pair. When you are doing a reading about work and you pull this card it means that people at work are going to be respecting you more, and you are going to be feeling more comfortable in your workplace. This card is also a good sign if you are looking for work. When it is about a relationship it talks about a strong commitment, a balanced relationship, and love. However, this does not mean that you don’t need to nurture this love to keep it going. If you are doing a financial reading then this card is about being financially capable and being about to financially support your obligations. If this is about health then this card suggests you need to find a health practitioner that you are comfortable working with and someone you can trust. If this is about your spirituality it can be saying to share your positive energy as the universe is giving you tons to go around. 

When pulled in reverse this card is saying your balance is broken. This imbalance is causing disconnect and conflict between you and your partner. Instead of attracting each other like when the card is upright, you are repelling each other. Small things that seemed fine before may now seem like problems which may indicate that one of you is holding resentment towards the other. The open communication you had before has been cut off which is making the situation you’re in worse. Be the first to open up and you might find out the issues you two are having may be easier to sort through than you thought. 

Here is an interesting spread for those of you with 2 decks to work with. This spread will give you an idea on how your relationship is going with your loved one. First I would take the two of cups out of the decks (if possible have each of you meditate on your own cards) thinking about how you feel your relationship is going. Then shuffle and pull using your preferred method.

32e4e88e0620c8e594415dc58f530781 Thank you for checking out today’s post! What has the two of cups been telling you? Let me know in the comments along with any other thoughts or questions you may have. Follow me here and on twitter so you get notifications when I post and when I upload videos to youtube. Until next time, Blessed Be!

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