Tarot Series~Minor Arcana: Four of Cups


When upright this card is about feeling unmotivated and discouraged. Life has become stagnant. The things that usually make you feel happy are no longer doing so for you. Whether you have a good or bad day, it doesn’t matter to you. You attitude remains the same. This card is telling to reflect on your attitude. The answer to your problem is typically right in front of you. You need to search within yourself to find passion again. This card is all about finding what really interests you and working towards them. 

When pulled in reverse this card is about wanting a new start. You may finally be experiencing the joys of life that previously you were immune to due to your disconnect from yourself. You are realizing that life is not perfect but there is still beauty in it to be enjoyed. Open yourself to new idea, people, and opportunities. You may find that one of these things bring the start of something amazing that many miss out on due to being too confined in their own beliefs.

Here is a tarot spread to help you rediscover your passion. First I would take the four of cups out of the deck and meditate on it while thinking about how it feels to feel passionate about something. Then shuffle and pull the cards using your preferred method.


Thank you for reading today’s post! What is the four of cups telling you lately? Let me know in the comments along with any other thoughts or questions you have. Also, make sure you follow me here and on twitter to get notifications when I post and upload videos to youtube. Until next time, Blessed Be.

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