All About Ouija Boards

Hi everyone! Since it is October I thought it would be fun if our Wednesday posts for the duration of the month were spoopily themed. So today I’m going to talk to you about Ouija boards; what I think of them and how to stay safe if you’re going to use them. This post will not have any history about Ouija boards in it though so if that’s something you want to see make sure you let me know down below. Also, keep in mind that I have never used a Ouija board as I do my necromancy using other tools (I will make a separate post about methods other than Ouija board next week).

So to start off I am going to tell you my humble opinion about Ouija boards. I think Ouija boards are very dangerous. Necromancy in and of itself can be dangerous but I think Ouija boards specifically take the cake in this department. I definitely think there are safe ways to use them however I think even people that are educated on it take detrimental shortcuts. I am very interested in trying out a Ouija board but I have not been given circumstances that I deem safe to try it out.

Ouija Board “Rules”

  1. Never invite a spirit to manipulate objects around you (to make flames flicker, to touch you, or to move something). This invites the spirit into your space and causes a higher risk of them sticking around after the session is over.
  2. Never take the planchette off the board or take all fingers off it without saying goodbye. This can also increase the likelihood of something staying after the session
  3. Always say goodbye when you end a session. If you do not say goodbye this is a literal invitation to whoever/whatever it is you were speaking to, to stay.
  4. Never be rude to the spirit you are talking to as this can cause a very scary session that won’t end well

How to Spot a Negative (or worse) entity

  1. If the spirit starts counting down the numbers or going through the alphabet
  2. If the planchette starts making figure 8’s
  3. If the spirit goes by the name ZoZo
  4. If the entity claims to be 0 years old or never born

If any of these things happen while you’re doing a session say goodbye immediately and sage your space.

Things to think about

  1. Spirits can lie. Just because someone says they’re your deceased grandmother doesn’t mean they actually are. Negative entities lie a lot to gain your trust in hopes you’ll invite them to stay
  2. You shouldn’t use a Ouija board in your home because if you do accidentally invite an entity to stay they are now in your home and could make your life a living hell.
  3. Consider having just one person to ask the questions. It will keep everything more orderly and less confusing
  4. Have someone who keeps their hands off the planchette and is actually taking notes. It will make it easier to understand the messages coming through if someone is writing while it is happening
  5. Consider having a sacred circle around you or a ring of salt.
  6. Also consider saging the area before and after the session along with the rest of the building you’re in (if you’re in one)

What not to ask an entity

  1. Don’t ask when you are going to die. This is just asking for you to be manipulated by an entity and will do you no good in the long run
  2. Don’t ask an entity how they have died. They may not be comfortable talking about that and you could ruin the rest of your session.
  3. Don’t ask to talk to a demon…. I don’t think I have to explain this one… it’s just not smart
  4. Don’t ask to be possessed… also pretty straight forward
  5. And in general don’t ask any questions that you don’t truly want to know the answer to

However that is all I have for today. Let me know your Ouija board experience/tips and tricks down below along with any other thoughts or questions you have. Make sure you check out my instagram to stay up to date on me and my everyday life. Also, make sure you follow me here and on twitter so you get notifications when I post and when I upload videos to youtube. Until next time, Blessed Be!

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