All About Necromancy

Hi everyone, today I want to talk to you about necromancy as there are many ways to do it and it’s that spooky time of year. I won’t be talking about the ouija board though as I made a whole post about it last week, so if you want to know about that I suggest you check out that post here.

What is necromancy? The dictionary defines it as “the supposed practice of communicating with the dead, especially in order to predict the future.” It also refers to necromancy as black magic. As a Wiccan I think this can be a little alarming to hear as we are told we are not to partake in any kind of dark magic. However I think the darkness of necromancy is circumstantial. There will definitely be some Wiccans that believe no type of necromancy should be practiced due to it’s black magic ties however I think intention, like with most things in Wicca, is what is most important. So if you’re using necromancy to summon demons or to help give energy to other dark workings (I’m not very knowledgeable on dark magic so I can’t think of many examples, sorry) then yes that is wrong and shouldn’t be done. However if you are looking to communicate with your ancestors, or to learn about an energy that may be living in your home, or maybe you’re just experimenting with a new type of magic, I don’t see anything dark in that.

There are lots of ways one can perform necromancy. It is a very diverse form of magic. Below are some methods (definitely not all) you can use to communicate with the dead.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are something a lot of pagans/wiccans/witches have so this can be a really good tool for necromancy. There are many spreads online for communicating with the dead. Here is one such spread down below. Pinterest is a great resource if this one doesn’t meet your necromancy needs.



Pendulums are my favourite way to communicate with the dead… well with anyone really. They’re great for talking to the divine, the deceased, your spirit guides, your ancestors, and anything else you can think of. When it comes to using my pendulum I start off with my usual method of asking it basic yes or no questions that I already know the answers to to make sure it’s calibrated, if you will. Then I will call upon whoever it is I am looking to speak to. I usually start off asking the divine if there are any entities in my home and if I get a yes I will clarify with the divine if they are safe to speak with. If they are I usually try and speak with them to see why they are here. If they’re not negative beings I usually let them hang around. Below are some questions you may want to ask.

To the divine:

  1. Are there any entities/spirits in my home
  2. Are they of negative energy?

Assuming the questions with the divine went well here are questions for the entity:

  1. Do you stay here often?
  2. Is there a certain room you typically reside in
  3. Is that room the _____ (fill in the blank until you find that room)
  4. Are you the one responsible for _____ (fill in the blank with whatever you’ve been experiencing)
  5. Are there others that come here?
  6. Is there anything you need help with?
  7. Are you a child? a teenager? a young adult? Middle aged? Elderly?
  8. Are you tied to this place?

If you are interested in finding their name I like to write the letters of the alphabet on a piece of paper and put the pendulum over the letters until I get a yes and I continue to do that until I get a full name.

Dowsing Rods

This is a method I have not done personally but I have heard about and have seen it used on tv. They are similar to pendulums in the sense that they give you yes or no answers. They are also thought to be able to show you where the spirit may be in the physical world. Essentially you have to L shaped rods that you hold on to; one in each hand. You establish what a yes or no will look like. So maybe a yes means the left rod crossed the right rod and a no is the right rod crossed the left rod. Or maybe a yes means both rods point to the right and a no means both rods point to the left. It could be anything really you just need to determine what it is for you and your rods. It is said that if you’re walking around and the rods cross into an X formation then there is a spirit there. You can ask pretty much the same questions as you do with the pendulum so refer to those questions in the section up above.

Thanks for checking out today’s post! I hope this helps you with your necromancy endeavors. How do you do necromancy? Let me know down below in the comments along with any other thoughts or questions you may have. Make sure you follow me here on and on twitter so you get notifications when I post and when I upload videos to youtube. If you aren’t following me on twitter, instagram, or youtube you likely don’t know this but as of November 1st I will no longer be writing this blog. I have decided to dedicate my time and energy to my youtube. So if you want to still see my content make sure you following me on one of my other platforms. And in saying that I am only going to be posting my Wednesday posts (so no posts on Fridays) these next few weeks to give you some spooky content before Samhain. Until next time, Blessed Be!

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