Tarot Series~Major Arcana Card 4: The Emperor

Hi all! Sorry for being behind on posts. It was the long weekend and I went camping with my boyfriend Tristen, so we had no internet for posting. I will make sure we catch up and don’t lose any content this week!


When pulled upright it talks about control, authority, regulations, organization, and fatherliness. When you pick him in a reading it means you have a chance to grow through the goals you have set for yourself. Your future will be successful as long as you continue to pursue your goals in the way the emperor would, methodically and strategically.  You could be getting put in charge of something important. This something important maybe something at work or any organization/institution that needs order and a clear decisive mind.

When pulled reversed this can talk about abused authoritative power. When talking about your social life it can be about overreach of power from a father figure or a controlling partner. When talking about your career it can be about about a superior. It represents a man who wants to take control of you and make you feel powerless. It could also be about you being a weak ruler or maybe you would like a job that has more freedom and flexibility. On a personal level this can be about a lack of self-control and the inability to handle situations.

This spread is for looking at your situation, goals, maintenance, and general upkeep of your life. First I would take out the emperor card and meditate on what you want to know from the spread. The shuffle and pull the cards using the method you see fit but lay the cards face down and flip them as you read each position.


Card 1: This card represents you in command, how you go about things.

Card 2: This card represents things you can control.

Card 3: This card represents things you can’t control.

Card 4: These are things to discard, situations or attitudes that no longer serve you.

Card 5: This card represents things to keep in a modified form, things to prune.

Card 6: These are things that need maintaining.

Card 7: This is the result or goal you would like to reach, your ideal ordered situation or world, or, where this is headed.

Card 8: This card represents an unexpected result, unforeseen or secondary consequences, something to be aware of.

Card 9: This card represents your willpower, your desire for this thing, which can overcome the odds.


Tarot Series~Major Arcana Card 3: The Empress


When pulled upright the card shows a deep connection to our femininity. This can be shown through fertility, creativity, expression, and nurturing among others. The card asks you to connect with beauty and to bring happiness into your life. Be kind to yourself and take care of yourself. As one can tell from the picture this card can be a strong indication of pregnancy or motherhood. It can also mean the birth of a new idea, business, or project in your life. These endeavors will end successfully. The empress is the archetype of mother earth and therefore says you should spend time in nature.

When pulled reversed this card means you have lost too much willpower and strength because you have been too focused on other people’s affairs. Normally this card is about showering loved ones with love and care but when reversed it means you could be going overboard. You might be neglecting your needs or smothering your loved ones. This card can also mean you are relying on others to make decisions for you and to take card of you. 

This is a tarot spread that focuses on the empress. It’s good if you have issues with friends or family as it helps you figure out your relationships with those around you. First I suggest taking the empress card out of your deck and mediating on whatever issue you’re having with the people in your life. Then shuffle the cards and pull the cards using your preferred method. 


Card 1: This is your self, you alone.

Cards 2 and 3 represent your family (literal and figurative), the early influences that have made you what you are.

Card 2: This card represents how your family strengthens you, the positive things that have gone into you. Can be the aspects of yourself that are similar to the rest of your family, or how you fit in.

Card 3: This card represents conflicts with your family, where you don’t agree; things you just don’t see eye to eye. Can be differences between your family and you.

Cards 4 and 5 represent specific people you are dealing with in this situation, family or friends. Pick as many cards as you need here. You can be as specific here or as vague as you need: you can pick cards for specific people, or let the cards decide who is who.

Card 6: This card represents the opinions of others and how it affects you; can be approval or disapproval, or peer pressure.

Card 7: This card represents your view of things, your opinion and the way you see things, the direction you need to go whether they agree or disagree.

Tarot Series~Major Arcana Card 2: The High Priestess


When pulled upright the high priestess is about inner knowledge. She can mean that it is time to listen to your intuition rather than just depending on knowledge and logic. She can depict an archetype known as the divine feminine. The divine feminine is a female that understands and holds unknown answers about religion, self, and nature. This card represents someone who is intuitive and is starting to open up to their spirituality. She says that there are answers within yourself you need to find for answers you seek. The answers are found within not without.

When pulled in reverse the high priestess it means you might be having a hard time listening to your intuition. Try meditating and find a new approach. Your gut has been trying to tell you something but you’ve been ignoring it. You may be confused and feel like a lot of your actions are contrary to what they should be.

Here is a tarot spread that focuses on the High Priestess. It is about understanding your intuition. First you should take the High Priestess card out of the deck and meditate on it and what things you have been ignoring that your intuition has been telling you. Next shuffle the cards using your preferred method and pull them as you see fit.


Cards 1, 2, and 3 represent the deepest ocean of the unconsious mind, and can represent dreams you’ve had recently, synchronicity and coincidences, inner wisdom, and/or symbols and themes current in your life. There is no order to these, and no judgments are made here; these things just are. Rely on your intuition for these cards especially.

Cards 4 and 5 are nearer to the surface, though still under it; you are more conscious of these currents, but their roots are deep.

Card 4: This is the shadow aspect of things, the dark.
Card 5: This is the light aspect of things, to balance the dark. Cards 4 and 5 should be in balance and harmony; if they are not, take it as a sign that some work may be needed towards that.
Card 6: This card is at the surface of the water, where the unconscious and conscious meet; this is how all the previous cards relate to events in your life.

Tarot Series~Major Arcana Card 1: The Magician


When the Magician is pulled upright represents willpower, desire, creation, and manifestation. It means he takes the potential that the fool shows and molds it into being with the power of desire. It is time to tap into your full potential . The time to take action is now. Anything holding you back is in the way of you becoming your best self. 

When the magician is pulled in reverse represents trickery and illusions. It means it might be time for you to make a change. In reverse the Magician is the master of illusion. He casts magic if deception and trickery. There may be intent to manipulate you for selfish gain. Getting this card reversed may mean there is someone two faced in your life who really doesn’t have the best of intentions for you.  Something to consider is if the deceptive magician is in your close circle or if it represents your current state of emotions. It could mean you have become obsessed with power.

Here is a tarot spread that focuses on the Magician. It is about taking the potential of the fool and making it happen. Firstly, take out the Magician card and meditate on it and what it means in your situation. How would you as the Magician state the progress of a new journey. Next shuffle the cards using your preferred method and pull them as you see fit. Lay the cards 1-3 face up and 4-7 face down.


Card 1: This card represents inspiration, seizing the lightning, gifts from above.

Card 2: This card represents the change the inspiration goes through, the transformation through you; process.

Card 3: This card is the manifestation, the final form it takes out in the material world.

When you have read the first 3, turn the other four over.

Cards 4-7 represent the ingredients you can draw on to make this happen. You can read them as gifts from the four elements, or another way if that makes more sense. If you read them elementally:

Card 4: Earth, or Pentacles, material gifts, gifts of the body.

Card 5: Air, or Swords, intellectual gifts, decisions and clarity and discernment.

Card 6: Water, or Cups, emotional gifts, intuitive knowledge, gut feelings.

Card 7: Fire, or Wands, gifts of passion and drive and life. That which you love and are driven towards.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to leave any thoughts or question in the comments. Maybe even share your results for your tarot reading if you try this spread out. Merry Meet and Blessed Be.

Tarot Series~Major Arcana Card 0: The Fool

So I thought it might be fun to start a series to give this blog a little more structure. So once a week I am going to write about a card. As well, once a week I am going to do a reading and post about it so we can experience new spreads. I will also be posting once a week about something other than tarot cards. So that’s 3 posts a week! I’m really looking forward to writing more.

So before I get into today’s card I figured I should give a little run down on what tarot cards are. As with most things in Wicca everyone views things a little differently so for simplicity I will explain what tarot is to me. Tarot is a way to get answers about your past, present, and future if you continue the path you’re on now. So having said that I think you are able to change the reading you get. So for example you do a reading that says you are going to experience a heartbreak. I think that means if you continue the path you’re on now you will experience this heartbreak. But, now that you know what is going to happen you can take measures to prevent this and start a new path. As to who or what is responsible for the cards being pulled, I believe that doing a tarot reading is you and the universal energy source working as one. So yes the universal energy source is helping you but you still have to know what you’re doing yourself to do a good reading.  And just as a little disclaimer I use Crystal Visions tarot cards but all these descriptions for the cards I give are relevant to all styles of cards.


The first Major Arcana card is the fool. Major Arcana cards in general (not just this particular one) when pulled are considered more significant than any of the minor cards. They are considered the core foundation of the entire deck.

When the fool is pulled upright it stands for innocence, new beginnings, and a free spirit. So the fool card is considered the 0 card. 0 stands for infinite potential. Because she is a blank slate and represents innocence and new beginnings the new journey she’s about to start will influence who she becomes. This journey will be a positive one and will free you from the typical constraints you’re under. She lives life simply with no worries despite not knowing what is ahead. She also can be telling you to take a risk. She expresses courage as she understands you have to take risks sometimes to reap rewards. You never really know what’s up ahead so embrace it with joy.

When the fool is pulled in reverse is stands for recklessness, being taken advantage of, and inconsideration. When reversed the fool card quite literally implies that you’re acting like a fool by disregarding the consequences of your actions. You tend to not see the danger you’re in. This card can also mean you’re not planning your future and only living in the moment. You need to be more cautious and make sure you’re not being taken advantage of. If it sounds to good, it may not be true.

If you’d like to do a tarot spread about recognizing your fears in a new situation so that you may learn and grow I’ve got one for you. Firstly you should take the fool card out of your deck and hold it as you meditate on your new situation and how to approach it like the fool when pulled upright. Next shuffle your cards however you like to and pull them using your preferred method.


Card 1: This card represents you, your attitude, innocence, naivete, your inexperience in this situation.

Card 2: This card represents that upon which you have always relied, the solidity of the past that you may have to leave now. This card is certainty and routine and the familiar.

Card 3: This card represents the risk you have to take, the first step into the unknown, whether large or small.

Card 4: This card represents your fears, which can be real or imaginary, grounded in the reason of the situation or founded in panic.

Card 5: This card represents the unknown, what you have to gain, the learning you will come by, the experience and maturity that can be had, the life you can be living.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to leave any thoughts or question in the comments. Maybe even share your results for your tarot reading if you try this spread out. Merry Meet and Blessed Be.