Distance Reiki

Are your chakras out of wack? Does your back hurt? Are you overly stressed? Do you want a all in one solution? Distance Reiki might be the answer for you then. Reiki is healing through energy. It can heal you spiritually, mentally/emotionally, and physically. The way long distance reiki works is I channel reiki energy and send it through a cord beyond this world where time and distance do not exist. This cord is connected to your soul in this world. So the energy I send to your souls cord will travel to you and give you the healing you need. You can read more about reiki here: All about Reiki. You can watch a video about reiki here: Reiki Basics for Beginners. To get reiki done you have two options: You can first schedule an appointment with me so you can best enjoy the experience and once we have that done you can pay me below. Or if you don’t have a time preference you can simply pay for a session and I will do my work as soon as I can. You can schedule an appointment with me through this contact form:


Payments can be made below: