Wheel of the Year: Samhain

Hi everyone! Happy Samhain, or Halloween if you will. Samhain is the minor sabbat that occurs between Mabon (fall equinox) and Yule (winter solstice). It falls on October 31st every year. Even though this sabbat is considered to be a minor one it is actually one of the most celebrated sabbats. We are half way to reaching the darkest day of the year since it was last balanced.

Samhain marks the day that the sun god passes on and goes to the underworld. This causes the veil to the spiritual world to be at it’s thinnest. Due to it being so thin spirits can easily travel to and from their realm and ours. This means we can communicate with them much easier. The goddess also transforms to her crone form on this day and spends the next couple months grieving the loss of her partner.

Since the veil is so thin this is a time we use to reconnect with our ancestors. We invite our ancestors to our home by leaving candles (or pictures of these loved ones) in our windows. We also sometimes have a feast of the dead. This is essentially when we set up an extra place at our table and leave a meal for our ancestors. Ways we may contact our loved ones is through divination (tarot cards, pendulums, scrying, etc) or through a Ouija board (not sure if I recommend this one though, at least not for beginners in necromancy).

After Samhain we look forward to Yule which is when the God is born again and spring is on the horizon.

To celebrate this day you can carve pumpkins (used to protect your home from any extra negative energies lurking around), go trick or treating/dress up (Christian’s used to dress up to disguise themselves from demons and monsters), divination (since the veil is thin messages will come through your cards easier and clearer), witchcraft (since the veil in thin there will be an abundance of energy to do you magick with), go for a walk to see how the seasons are changing, and as always do a ritual to honour your deities.

Some gods you can celebrate during this time are: Anubis (Egyptian), Osiris (Egyptian), Yama (Hindu), and Hades (Greek)

Some goddesses you can celebrate during this time are: Morrigan (Celtic), Hel (Norse), Freya (Norse), Demeter (Greek), Hecate (Greek)

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Tarot Series~Minor Arcana: Four of Wands


When pulled upright this card is about celebration. It is also about a happy home environment. The number 4 is a sign of stability. This card also says that is is now a good time to get closer with your family and friends. This card could be about a time in the holiday’s when you’re surrounded by your loved ones. On the other hand if you’ve been working on a goal or a project a big milestone is coming up. You are going to want to celebrate this and you are more than justified to do so.

When pulled in reverse this card is about there being a lack of stability or happiness in your home environment. There is probably a lot of tension between you and your loved ones. Maybe you have accomplished something and expect your loved ones to want to celebrate with you. Instead you come home to a complete lack of support. This is likely causing you to feel uncertain about your relationships and is making you wonder who you can really count on.

Below is a spread to help you celebrate your accomplishments. First I would take out the four of wands and meditate with it. While you meditate think of your accomplishments and all the reasons you have to celebrate. Then shuffle the cards and pull them as you see fit.


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