Tarot Series~Minor Arcana: Six of Cups


When pulled upright this card is about generosity, childhood, and happiness due to naivety. This card is about wanting to return to a point in your past where you were happier. This could be from your childhood, teenage year, or when you were a young adult. Most of these memories are parts of you that are no longer part of your life that you wish was. You may feel that the only way to be happy is to relive these memories. This card can also be able how you are going to be visiting a place like your hometown, the home of an old friend, a grandparents home, a school, etc. You’re looking to reconnect with the people from your past. This card can also be telling you that you have suffered a loss and now you are on your way home. You are looking to your past to find the solutions to the challenges you’re facing now. You may be looking to your friends and families to help you emotionally get through the challenges you’re experiencing.

When pulled in reverse you should feel comfortable thinking about your past as long as you don’t start dwelling on it. Also it is good that you are feeling comfortable at home but it is also important to forge your own path. You may also feel like you are disconnected from your childhood and the dreams you had when you were a child. These dreams may not all be realistic. So not reaching these goals may be painful but sometimes the path we set out on isn’t the path we’re meant to be on. Make sure you think about what you want to achieve and think about how you can actually reach those goals instead of just dreaming them. 

I honestly could not find a tarot spread to go with this card but we did recently have a full moon so here is a tarot spread to do a full moon reading. First I would meditate on what the full moon will bring you this month. Then shuffle and pull the cards using your preferred method.


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