Wheel of the Year: Lammas

Happy Lammas everyone! As you now know Lammas (also known as Lughnasadh is on August 1st. It is the holiday between the summer solstice and the Fall equinox. It is considered to be a minor sabbat.

During this holiday it is said that the sun god takes all his power and puts it into the grain as it ripens. He is sacrificed when the grain is harvested. Then on Yule he is reborn. So a God who self sacrifices and is reborn… sounds a bit familiar eh? During this time we celebrate the first fruits of harvest, the fruits of our labours, and the results from the rituals earlier in the year.

To celebrate you can make bread, make corn dollies, and decorate your altar with seasonal decorations. As always you can go for a walk to see what is happening in nature. Don’t forget to do a ritual for the gods and goddesses around this time as well. You can do magick and/or divination at this time too.

Gods that are celebrated around this time are: Cronus, Lugh, Saturn, Sobek, and Pan.

Goddesses that are celebrated around this time are: Ceres, Demeter, Danu,  Hestia, Renenutet, Tailtiu, and Vesta.

Thanks for reading! What are you going to do to celebrate this Lammas? Let me know in the comments along with any other thoughts or questions you may have. Also don’t forget to follow me here and on twitter to get notifications when I post! I hope you have a lovely Lammas! Until next time, Merry Meet and Blessed Be.


The Celtic Pantheon

So today I thought it would be good to continue our talk about pantheons. A couple weeks ago I talked about greek which you can read here: The Greek Pantheon. This week I am going to talk about the Celtic pantheon. I did some research to find the “top” worshipped gods and goddesses so if you worship someone from this pantheon that I didn’t mention please put them in the comments and what they’re all about and I can add it my post!


Aengus – God of love and youth. Animals are cat, dove, sparrow, deer. The swan was his symbol.

Dagda – “The Good God” The father god. He is the god of the arts, knowledge, magic, music, prophecy, prosperity, and regeneration. His symbols were a club, bottomless cauldron of plenty, and the harp.

Cernunnus – “the horned one” He is the god of  hunting, animals, fertility, and nature in general. Animals that were sacred to him: bull, ran, stag, and horned serpents.

Arawn – God of the underworld, terror, revenge, and war. His animals are the stag and dogs. His symbol is the cauldron.


Morrigan – goddess of war and death. Morrigan’s main animal is the crow or raven. She is a triple goddess. Morrigan is Anand (or Anu), a goddess of fertility, Badb, a war goddess who transforms into a crow, and Macha, the death crone.

Danu – Matriarch of Power. She is the mother goddess. Symbolizes rivers, water, wells, prosperity, magick, and wisdom.

Brigit – she is the goddess of art, blooming of the spring season, healing, high dimensions, livestock, poetry, smithing, and springs. She is a a triple goddess. One is in charge of poetry and inspiration; one is in charge of midwifery and healing, and the last is in charge of crafts and smiths.

So these are just a few celtic gods and goddess. Here are some links to some celtic deity statues Danu statue, Morrigan statue, and Cernunnos statue. I hope you enjoyed todays post. If you have a celtic god or goddess that I didn’t post about tell me about them in the comments and leave any other thoughts or questions there as well. Make sure you subscribe to my blog and my twitter to get notifications on when I post. Until next time, Merry Meet and Blessed Be.