Tarot Series~Minor Arcana: Page of Swords


When pulled upright this card is about curiosity and a never ending supply of ideas. It’s about being great at communicating. This person has a lot of nervous energy and their mind is never just empty. They always have something to think about. If this card is representing a message then it could be about gossip, legal matters, and agreements; very sword-esque topics. This card could also serve as a reminder to be alert, to keep your eyes peeled, and to stay vigilant. In addition this card could be about an idea you have that you are really eager to execute. You are really passionate about this project and you cannot wait to tell everyone the progress you’re making with it. This is definitely the time to talk about your or other people’s ideas.

When pulled in reverse this card is about using that alertness and sharpness for deceit and manipulation. Their natural gift with talking may be used negatively as they may become very hurtful. They may not totally realize the pain they are causing, whether that be from immaturity or just ignorance. They are really just focusing on how good they feel after lashing out at others. This person though could also be someone who is full of empty promises. They like to talk the talk but not walk the walk, if you will. This card reminds you to show that there is action behind your words. 

Excuse the potty talk in this tarot spread but I thought it might be relevant in helping you figure out what’s up with that reversed page of swords in your life. First I would take the page of swords out of the deck and meditate on it while thinking about that person who’s… well… being an asshole. Then shuffle and pull the cards using your preferred method.

Friendly reminder that they don’t have to be a “he”.

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Tarot Series~Minor Arcana: Seven of Swords


When pulled upright this card is about betrayal and deception. This card is typically about you, or someone you are close with, having a hard time getting away with something. Sometimes we have to be sneaky in hopes that no one finds out. However when someone finds out we do have to face the consequences. This tends to happen when you have to react quickly and you act out of character. You may be trying to sneak out of a situation due the the situation no longer working as you thought. Instead of dealing with the issue head on you may try to sneak out of it hoping no one will notice your absence. You are likely hoping the situation will go away with time and you won’t have to deal with it however that is not the case. Ignoring the situation has actually made it worse. When you get this card you really need to think about whether not dealing with the issue is going to turn out okay or make it worse. It may seem like not facing it has worked out for you only to later realize that it’s blown up in your face. In some situations this card can also be about a wanting to “go solo”. You may want to go on an adventure on your own or just wanting to spend more time to yourself. This can be really great to explore your independence.

When pulled in reverse can have a few different meanings. One meaning can be that you need to change the way you’re doing things. The way you’ve been approaching things just isn’t working. This card can also be about a more extreme version of the upright card, in the sense of cunning victory achieved by deception and trickery. On the flip side it can also be about developing a conscience. You or someone you are close with may finally be coming clean about any manipulative things they’ve done. The trust people have had in you may be gone but with this honesty you may start gaining this trust back. This card is really about trying to be more collaborative rather than your usual method of independence. 

Here is a tarot spread dedicated to the seven of swords! First thing I would do is take the card out and meditate on it while thinking about what it is that you’re trying to avoid. Then I would shuffle and pull the cards using your preferred method.


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