Tarot Series~Major Arcana Card 16: The Tower


When pulled upright this card is about extreme change that is radical and momentous which is why the card looks so unnerving. In reality the meaning of this card is not as frightening as it looks usually. At the very root of this card it is about foundational, groundbreaking change. This card doesn’t have to be about a disaster or a great loss as change is just a natural part of life even if it can seem scary because it means we have to abandon old ways of thinking and explore new ones. When it comes to readings about work this card is about in inevitable argument. When this argument happens you must stay in control and keep your temper. When doing a reading about your love life this card can signify the relationship you’re in may be coming to an end. So if you see this card take it as a warning and fix your relationship while you have the chance.

When pulled in reverse this card is about a crisis in the making and you are struggling to avoid it. What you need to realize is that these breakdowns are not inherently bad as they can break down your on something that is false. This tower is built on a bad foundation and must fall, despite the pain it may cause you the end result will bring you peace. 

Here is a tarot spread that focuses on the tower card. This spread is great for dealing with the aftermath of trauma. Before you do this spread I would take the tower card out of the deck and mediate on it while thinking about the trauma you are trying to deal with. Then shuffle and pull the cards as you see fit.


Card 1: This is the lightning bolt, the illumination, the sudden realization, the trauma, or the cause, and your initial reaction.

Card 2: This represents the foundation you have built upon. These are roots that have been suddenly bared; if you can, now is a perfect opportunity to examine them. Did you build on sand or stone? This card represents what it was, and what it could be.

Cards 3-7 represent the pieces falling around you, that went into the building of this structure. These are the blocks, the broken watch parts, that were running smoothly, (or were at least running), and are now divided and altered. Look at these pieces, now separate from each other, and sort the useful from that which no longer serves you. What would you like to keep? What will you discard? What might be kept, but in a modified form?

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