Tarot Series~Minor Arcana: King of Wands

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When pulled upright this card is about energy. All the other wands cards are about creativity but this card is about the king having an idea and implementing it himself. This card represents a natural born leader and someone who is quite capable. Once you have a goal in mind you will stick to it until it is accomplished. If you pull the king card you may look forward to challenges and enjoy solving them.

When pulled in reverse this card can suggest one may be arrogant. When pursuing your goals you may be a bit aggressive, whether you realize it or not. You may make impulsive and rash decisions. You may also be pushy and overbearing at times. It is very likely that you are not trying to make others feel submissive to you but that is what you are doing regardless. This card can also suggest you are selfish, ruthless, and/or manipulative. 

When you pull this card it may be hard to tell whether it is telling you positive or negative things about yourself. To help with this here is a tarot spread. This is great for figuring what things about your a great and what needs work. First I would take the king of wands out of the deck and meditate on it while thinking about what you think are your strong traits and your negative traits. Then shuffle and pull using your preferred method.


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Weekly Tarot Spread: Exploring Past Lives

In the last year or so I’ve been really interested in my past lives when I learned a little about them when I was getting some soul healing done with my Shaman. Ever since I have wanted to do hypnosis to find out about my past lives but alas that opportunity hasn’t made itself available yet. So in the meantime I thought this might be a fun spread to try out.

The spread I did

I think this reading is quite interesting. I previously knew about one past life where I died giving birth. And as you will find out this seems to be another past life where I don’t make it to be of the age to be a mother. Maybe this lack of experience in my past lives fuel my extreme desire to be a mother in this life.

Cards I pulled

Card to describe me in my past life: Queen of Swords reversed.

This card normally talks about having the mentality of leadership. Having developed skills and wisdom through years of experience. There is mention of maturity, being a capable woman, an authority figure who is nurturing and understanding. She represents a mother figure. This card is in reverse though and therefore seems to talk of a Maiden who is dependent on others and lacks life experience. She isn’t mentally matured yet.

My purpose during that lifetime: Eight of Pentacles reversed

This card is about having worldly power and influence, being a leader and having authority. It talks of organizational and managerial skills, honour, respect, equality, awards, pubic recognition, power, and abundance in all areas of life. Because I pulled this card in reverse I think it means I was suppose to become a leader of worldly influence but it never ended up happening.

A lesson I did not complete in that lifetime: The Fool

So firstly as we know this is a Major Arcana card and therefore is important for me to know. This card says I never learned to trust blindly and to take big risks. In order for my purpose to have been fulfilled I needed to make the jump but I never did.

How is that life relevant to my current life: Page of Swords

This card says it is relevant because I need to prepare myself in this life to succeed in what I didn’t in my previous life. I have to be willing to do whatever it takes: start at the bottom of the ladder and take risks to make it to the top.

I hope you found this reading interesting! If you see anything you think I missed or have any thoughts/questions feel free to leave it in the comments. Also, make sure to subscribe so you get notifications when I post. Until next time, Merry Meet and Blessed Be!