Weekly Tarot Spread: Finding your Signifier

Hello everyone, so today I thought I would do something a little different. This isn’t exactly a spread but it is answering a question while using the tarot cards. There will be a lot of pictures in this post so you can see the process I did.

The process I used

So I started with the original shuffling as it said. I thought about how I am funny, nurturing, goal oriented etc.

I cut the deck like so 

I was pretty near instantly drawn to the right deck. So I put the left deck aside and shuffled again thinking about my weaknesses. I thought about my anxiety, my anger, lack of patience, etc.

I cut the deck in thirds

Once again my hand was drawn to the deck on the right. So I put the other two decks aside. I spread the cards out and my hand was drawn just to right of the centre. My hands feel on 4 cards.

4 new piles (one card in each)

I then closed my eyes and thought about how I wanted to do magick to heal, bring prosperity, happiness, and for love. My hand was then drawn to the top two cards.

Last 2 cards

Now I closed my eyes and asked my signifier card to present itself and my hand was drawn to the left card.

My signifier card is The Lovers

In order to understand what this card meant for me I referred to this picture.


So first of all my card is a Major Arcana card. So apparently my path is pretty much carved in stone. Also the strengths and the weaknesses of this card are what I will deal with for this entire lifetime. For imagery  it suggested to look at the book the deck came with but it didn’t click with me so I looked at Labyrinthos instead and clicked with it a lot better. So I will do a copy and paste from that website.

The primary meaning within the Lovers is harmony, attractiveness, and perfection in a relationship. The trust and the unity that the lovers have gives each of them confidence and strength, empowering the other. The bond that they have created is very strong, and it can indicate that the two are joined in marriage, and other close and intimate relationships. Another meaning behind the lovers card is the concept of choice – a choice between things that are opposing and mutually exclusive. This could be a dilemma that you need to think about carefully and make the best decision for your situation.
A more personal Lovers meaning that can apply to individuals is the development of your own personal belief systems, regardless of what are the societal norms. We see this as a development from the Hierophant, who made decrees and passed on his knowledge through a standardized system. This is one of the times when you figure out what you are going to stand for, and what your philosophy in life will truly be. You must start making up your mind about what you find important and unimportant in your life. You should be as true to yourself as you can be, so you will be genuine and authentic to the people who are around you.

One other thing I find interesting about this card is that it is associated with the astrology sign Gemini which also happens to be my partners sign.

All in all I thought this was a really cool reading and hope this new information will help me decipher readings better in the future.

I hope you found this as interesting as I did and get some use out of this “spread”. As always if you have any thoughts or questions leave them in the comments. Make sure you subscribe so you get a notification every time I post. Until next time, Merry Meet and Blessed Be.

Relationship with Prayer

Today, I am going to talk about prayer. Growing up as a Christian I prayed a lot. I prayed probably every night for like an hour. Something that hasn’t changed, despite my change in religion, is that when I pray I often like to talk to deity as if I am talking to a friend. So I used to have these long winded conversations with the Christian’s idea of God. Then I stopped following the Christian faith, so I stopped praying. Then when I found Wicca I had associated it so much with Christianity (which was something I was totally turned off from) that I let myself believe that prayer was still unimportant in Wicca. Every once in a while when I was feeling really troubled and desperate for help I’d pray to Gaia about it. But even that made me uncomfortable. Then I read a book over the weekend called Living Wicca by Scott Cunningham (marvelous read by the way) which talked about prayer and it has started to change my mind.


Who is to say that prayer should only be for a Christian God that I no longer believe in? What gives that guy the right to prayer and not the deities I worship now. They are just as, if not more, worthy than that God. In Scott Cunningham’s book he talks about there being 3 types of prayer. There is prayer for help, prayer for thanks, and prayer for celebration. While I agree that those are all important reasons for prayer I still think that feeling open and connected with deity enough just for a chat is great and I hope to get into the routine of doing it again. Cunningham also talks about how one should start a prayer to the god and goddess: “O goddess within; O God within; O Goddess of the moon, waters, and earth; O God of the Forests and Mountains,” . This is much like the Christian “Dear God,” but more formal. And since it is so formal I think it makes sense to say such a phrase in a formal prayer (one for thanks, need, or celebration) but when it comes to just conversation between you and deity I think it is suffice to just address who you are talking to without all the elegance. I feel as though deity wants us to connect with them on such a level that we feel comfortable to be ourselves when speaking with them (as long as we remember when warranted that they are indeed deities and we are but just people). 


In a sort of subcategory within each of the main 3 prayers are some types of prayer that I think are important. There are morning prayers, night time prayers, prayers before food, and many more. Some of these prayers that I found in Living Wicca that I really enjoy are these listed below.

Morning prayer:

Bless this day, sun of fiery light.

Bless this day; prepare me for the night

Before sleep prayer:

O’ gracious Goddess,

O’ gracious God, I now enter the realm of dreams

Weave now, if you will, a web of protective light around me.

Guard both my sleeping form and my spirit.

Watch over me

Until the sun once again

Rules the earth.

O’ gracious Goddess,

O’ gracious God, be with me through the night.

Mealtime prayer:

O Goddess within,

O God within,

I now partake of the fertility of the earth.

Bless this food with your love.


I really do hope to make these prayers part of my routine. I encourage you to either create or find formal prayers to do each day for the God and Goddess (or whoever/whatever you worship) as well as find time each day to connect with the God and Goddess in prayer on a personal level.

I hope this post helped you think about you and your feelings about prayer. What’s your relationship like with prayer? If you have any thoughts or questions feel free to let me know in the comments. Make sure you subscribe so you can get notifications when I post. Until next time. Merry Meet and Blessed Be.

Weekly Tarot Reading: Potential Love Spread

Hi everyone! Today I did another love based spread. My roommate/best friend is going on a date tomorrow and she asked me if I could do a reading to see how it will go. I thought it might be fun to make it my spread of the week for all my single viewers.

Spread I did

I really enjoyed doing this spread. I found that the card placement meanings ended up being a little different than written. I found that the second card was more about how this new person would be like to date rather than how they specifically will feel about the relationship. As well as with the outcome I found that it didn’t have to do specifically with the date (which makes me think the date will go nowhere so there isn’t much of an outcome to discuss) and rather talks about an outcome for my friend in general. You’ll see what I mean.

Cards I pulled

How You Feel: Two of Pentacles

This card talks about ones inability to provide the energy and time required to make your partner happy. You have so much going on in other areas of your life right now that you find it hard to make them your priority. You have 2 main aspects in your life (love and finances/career is what I feel they are) that you’re trying to balance. One small error though and the balance will be lost. You need to figure out your priorities.

How they feel: Ten of Pentacles Reversed

Currently there won’t be an issue but one might come up later. This card talks about financial issues since it is a pentacles card. This card also talks about wasting your time. Relationships have been great for the short term fun but you lack substance for a relationship in the long haul.

Potential for a Relationship: Seven of Pentacles

This card talks about how you have a fear of failing. You feel you’ve put effort into relationships in the past but they never seem to be successful in the end. Despite numerous mistakes you are learning from them and becoming a better person from them. Your fear of failure may be keeping you from committing to this potential relationship.

Advice: Queen of Swords

This card is an archetype of an older, wiser, feminine intellect. It says to make judgments without emotion alone and to look at all the facts first before you make any decisions.

Outcome: Strength

Like I said I think there is no outcome to this date so I think this is an outcome for my friend in general and not for this specific relationship. In reverse this cards talks about mental illness which my friend has struggled with but I pulled the card upright which talks about having inner strength and fortitude during trying times. It talks about the ability to remain calm and strong even during immense struggle. It also says that maintaining your compassion will always be rewarded with having stability in your life either presently or in the near future. Also this card is a Major Arcana which I think is suggesting that this date is going to be insignificant in the grand scheme of things but the path you are on to self healing is amazing.

Lastly, I also noticed a lot of pentacles were pulled, and so I did a little research about it, and from what I read considering the topic and what I’ve learned so far it suggests a focus on the material aspects of the relationship. This relationship would have no spark because despite having a lot in common and being able to have fun together there is no emotional, intellectual, or spiritual bond in the relationship.

That’s it for this week! If you see anything I missed, have any general thoughts, or questions feel free to leave it in the comments. Thanks for reading and make sure to subscribe so you get notifications when I post. Merry Meet and Blessed Be!