Thyme is an herb that is associated with the water element and the planet venus. The gods/goddesses it is connected to are Freya, Ares, and Aphrodite.

When it is used in spells it is used to increase strength and courage. If you’re working on something that seems unachievable you can use thyme in a spell to keep a positive attitude. If you find your home has a lot of melancholy, hopelessness, or only mellow negative energies you can wash your floors with thyme infused water or burn the thyme to smudge your home. If you find yourself having restless sleeps or nightmares you can put thyme under your pillow. You can wear or burn thyme to bring good health, increase psychic abilities and to make a woman more alluring. You can also take a ritual bath infused with thyme to cleanse any of your sorrows or regrets. Make sure to grow thyme in your garden for good wealth. It is said as thyme grows in your garden so does your wealth. Also, if you enjoy gambling then you want to make sure you have some thyme on you as it is thought to improve luck.

If you enjoy working with faeries you should keep thyme around and grow it in your garden as faeries really like this herb. If you would like to communicate with faeries I recommend you incorporate thyme into a spell.

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Tarot Series~Minor Arcana: Three of Wands


When pulled upright this card is about you getting ready to seriously, or you’re already seriously, make plans for the future. Because you’ve planned, everything is going smoothly. Your plans are becoming actions. This card can also tell you that there are opportunities coming that can widen your horizons. This is also reminding you to stay open to all opportunities because good ones could be coming your way. Just because you have certain plans don’t object opportunities that go against them. Change can be good and it can take you out of your comfort zone. This card can also talk about how you are in control. This card is big on foresight and vision. This card can also be about needing to travel to find the truths that you are looking for. This card typically says you should travel to land across the water. You may just find some new opportunities.

When pulled in reverse this card is about starting a personal journey but not achieving anything from it. This could be caused by delays or total blocks. This card reminds you that even though you haven’t met your goals that it is not for nothing. This experience you’re having is actually helping your personal strength. This card is also saying that you need to start making plans for your future. This is definitely true if you haven’t established any long term goals. The most common meaning is that future changes are going to happen and you need to start planning for them. You also need to keep an eye out for better options.

Here is a spread all about making future plans. First I would take the three of wands out and meditate on this card. As you meditate I would think about what future plans you may have. Then shuffle and pull the cards as you see fit.


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Weekly Tarot Spread: Get to Know Yourself Better

Hi everyone! I hope you’re excited for Tarot readings to start again because I sure am! So as some of you may know I went through a temporary breakup last week and it made me realize that outside of my relationship I really don’t know who I am. So this week I thought it would be fun to do a tarot spread helping me figure out who I am. Next week we will recommence the chakra tarot spreads we were doing earlier this summer/spring. Also sorry for posting this so late. I did this reading this evening and it ended up hitting home so hard I just needed a long break from it before I could go over it again and type it up.  Lastly, this reading doesn’t have a picture to go with spread so I will try my best to show you the set up. Bear with me (the 5th card is supposed to be directly under the 4)

Card set up

Card 1   Card 9

Card 2  Card 8

Card 3  Card 7

Card 4  Card 6

Card 5

So I am not entirely sure what I expected to learn from this reading but it seems to be very much about the break up and the reading itself has come out a bit bleak in relation to us trying to make it work. So I am really hoping if I altar my path we can change the prediction of the cards.

The cards I pulled

As you can see I pulled mostly reversed cards and mostly major arcana cards.

Card 1: How people perceive you

I pulled the lovers in reverse. This firstly is important because the lovers is my signifier card. And second it seems very relevant to the break up and most of my family and a lot of my friends knew about it. This card pretty much says that they perceive me as having a lot of inner conflict and disharmony. They see my break in communication and they see the foundation of my relationship being cut off. Overall the affects of the break up are very obvious and all people see when looking at me is the effects of the break up.

Card 2: What you think you are

I pulled the empress in reverse. This card talks about losing willpower and strength. It really shows how I overwhelm others with my caring for them but at the same time I still depend on others (my boyfriend) to care for me. It also talks about neglecting my own needs. I think this whole break up has really shown me how much I depend on my partner and now they we are back together I may be neglecting my own needs as I am worried he will leave me again.

Card 3: What you think you aren’t

For this card I pulled the queen of swords reversed. The queen of swords when reversed is thought to be bitter, coldhearted, and resentful. And I full heartedly agree that I don’t think I am those things. I think I am the exact opposite actually.

Card 4: What you don’t know about yourself

This was the card that shook me up the most. I got the tower in reverse. This card is about a looming crisis that I am avoiding. This crisis has to happen though and what I have been relying on will no longer be there for me. To me it just really sounds like that even though we are back together now, it won’t last and I am just prolonging the pain. I really hope I can change this though.

Card 5: Your true self

This was the card that confused me the most. I pulled the Ace of pentacles in reverse. This card talks about missing your chance. So I don’t know if this really says who my true self is but it feels to me to be saying the break up was my chance and I missed it.

Card 6: What you can do now to be a better person

This card was the emperor. The emperor is about control, organization, having a plan, acting rationally, growing my goals, and being both methodical and strategic. I think this card is saying is if I have any chance of growing from this blip in our relationship rather than just everything falling apart I have to come up with a solid plan and follow it through like the emperor would.

Card 7: What you should stop doing right now

I pulled the six of cups. This card says that I need to stop wanting to return to a happier time and to stop looking to the past to try and solve the crisis.  It seems to be saying it is time to move on from the relationship and to go on to better things.

Card 8: What can you do to realize hidden aspects about yourself

I pulled the Judgement card in reverse for this one. It says that I need to stop judging myself so harshly, to move forward with pride and confidence, and to reflect on my life up until this point. In general I have always been my worst critic and I have been feeling guilty for the reasons behind the break up. So I think this is just saying that what has happened is done and there is no sense in beating myself up. All I can do is look back and what is in the past and better myself from here on out.

Card 9: summary

For this I pulled the Justice card. This card pretty much says my decisions effect myself and others long term, that the truth will come to pass, and that it is time to come to a solution once and for all. So pretty much despite all this horrible stuff everything will turn out how it is meant to and for all this to be over we need to come to a solution sooner than later.

Well that’s it for my reading today. Sorry it is so grim. If anyone got something more positive out of this reading than me please let me know in the comments, along with any other thoughts or question, because I’m obviously not thrilled about my interpretation about it. Also, make sure you follow me here and on twitter to get notification on when I post and to keep up to date on an upcoming giveaway. Until next time, Merry Meet and Blessed Be.

Tarot Series~Major Arcana Card 19: The Sun


When upright this card is about success, radiance, and abundance. The sun gives strength and vitality. It says that much joy and happiness is coming to you. Due to being personally fulfilled you give others inspiration and joy too. Your warm energy draws people to you. You are also in a position where you are able to share your qualities and achievements with others. You radiate love and affection towards those you love. This card can show that you have a strong sense of confidence right now.

In reverse this card is about having a hard time finding the silver-linings in hard situations right now. This could be preventing you from what you need to progress. It could also be preventing you from being confident and powerful. This card could also mean you are being unrealistic. An example of this is that you may be overly optimistic about certain situations. Take these things into account to make sure you’re on the right track and your successes continue as they do.

Here is a tarot spread all about the sun card. It is great when you’re in need of some self-care and need to be reminded of your inner light. First I would take the sun card out of the deck and meditate on it while focusing on your confidence and joy. Then shuffle and pull the cards using your preferred method.


Card 1: This card represents your inner light, the form in which your light will manifest and show itself.

Card 2: This represents where to apply yourself; where you can be most successful, issues and situations where you are your strongest.

Card 3: This card represents that which needs to be cleaned, the windowpane through which the light shines. These are obstacles that need to be removed, that eclipse the light. This is how you can shine.

Cards 4 and 5: These represent renewed innocence, the playfulness and freedom that come when your inner light shines brightly. Harmonize these two cards, find how they fit together, and what they have in common.

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Tarot Series~Major Arcana Card 17: The star

Screenshot 2018-08-03 at 8.58.49 PM

When pulled upright this card is about hope, renewed power, and strength. It shows how blessed you are by the universe and everything around you is evidence. This blessedness may not be evident right yet as this card follows the trauma of the tower card before it. Remember that all you need to be happy can be found within you and even though things may not seem to have turned around for you yet you need to have faith because the universe will bless you and bring you all that you need. Seeing this card in a reading shows that you have gone through a terrible life challenge but you’ve managed to go through it without losing hope. While you were suffering you may not have been aware of your own strength but now you may be starting to realize that your loss has helped you discover just how resilient and how much inner power you have. 

When pulled in reverse this card is about feeling as though everything is turned against you. Challenges that would normally excite you now feel like you can’t overcome them. You have lost faith in something, possibly yourself or something you normally find dear. This card in reverse tells us to nurture our sense of hope and positive energy to help us feel joy rather than fear. 

Here is a tarot spread that focuses on the star card. This spread is great when you are surrounded by darkness and need a little taste of hope. First I would take the star card out of the deck and meditate on it while focusing on what it feels like to feel hopeful. Then shuffle and pull the cards as you see fit.


Card 1: This is something to hope for; a sign, a goal to work towards. Remember you can always find something positive, even in the most negative-seeming cards. Especially if this card is negative, you have to find that little glimmer.

Cards 2 and 3 represent positive things you can work on right now while keeping that Star in the corner of your sight.

Card 2: This represents pouring the water on the earth: this is what you can do to nourish yourself physically, or issues that have been preventing you from taking adequate nourishment.

Card 3: This represents returning water back to water: this is how you can enrich your unconscious, your soul. This is what you need to work on for spiritual nourishment.

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Tarot Series~Major Acrana Card 8: Strength


When pulled upright this card is about inner strength and fortitude during danger and distress. Even when everything seems to be going wrong you seem to remain calm and strong. It also talks of compassion and how you always make times for others even when if it means pushing your own needs to the side. You are patient and can accomplish anything you set your mind to. You are resilient and fearless which will help you in the long run and will help you speak your mind when you need to. As a reward for your compassion you will be given stability either presently or in the near future.

When pulled in reverse this card is about experiencing an intense anger or fear in your life (if not presently then in the near future). You are lacking the characteristics this card is normally about and therefore may be experiencing fear, along with a lack of conviction and confidence in yourself. You may have forgotten your passions and what you love. This card may also say you are experiencing depression and that you may end up withdrawing yourself because of it. You need to gain confidence in order to get your inner-strength.

Here is a tarot spread that focuses on the strength card. First I would remove the strength card and meditate with it asking yourself what your strengths are. Then I would shuffle and pull the cards in the method you see fit.


Card 1: This card represents your greatest strength, which can be something of which you are quite conscious.

Cards 2 and 3: These cards are other strengths you have, that maybe you are not taking into account. All of the first three cards represent strong roots, things you can draw on, that will nourish and support you and form a good base.

Card 4: This represents a possible weakness, an area that perhaps needs some shoring up, that could be strengthened.

Card 5: This card represents an area where flexibility is needed, an issue or attitude or situation where you need to bend and let things flow, where a different kind of strength is needed.

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Weekly Tarot Reading: Potential Love Spread

Hi everyone! Today I did another love based spread. My roommate/best friend is going on a date tomorrow and she asked me if I could do a reading to see how it will go. I thought it might be fun to make it my spread of the week for all my single viewers.

Spread I did

I really enjoyed doing this spread. I found that the card placement meanings ended up being a little different than written. I found that the second card was more about how this new person would be like to date rather than how they specifically will feel about the relationship. As well as with the outcome I found that it didn’t have to do specifically with the date (which makes me think the date will go nowhere so there isn’t much of an outcome to discuss) and rather talks about an outcome for my friend in general. You’ll see what I mean.

Cards I pulled

How You Feel: Two of Pentacles

This card talks about ones inability to provide the energy and time required to make your partner happy. You have so much going on in other areas of your life right now that you find it hard to make them your priority. You have 2 main aspects in your life (love and finances/career is what I feel they are) that you’re trying to balance. One small error though and the balance will be lost. You need to figure out your priorities.

How they feel: Ten of Pentacles Reversed

Currently there won’t be an issue but one might come up later. This card talks about financial issues since it is a pentacles card. This card also talks about wasting your time. Relationships have been great for the short term fun but you lack substance for a relationship in the long haul.

Potential for a Relationship: Seven of Pentacles

This card talks about how you have a fear of failing. You feel you’ve put effort into relationships in the past but they never seem to be successful in the end. Despite numerous mistakes you are learning from them and becoming a better person from them. Your fear of failure may be keeping you from committing to this potential relationship.

Advice: Queen of Swords

This card is an archetype of an older, wiser, feminine intellect. It says to make judgments without emotion alone and to look at all the facts first before you make any decisions.

Outcome: Strength

Like I said I think there is no outcome to this date so I think this is an outcome for my friend in general and not for this specific relationship. In reverse this cards talks about mental illness which my friend has struggled with but I pulled the card upright which talks about having inner strength and fortitude during trying times. It talks about the ability to remain calm and strong even during immense struggle. It also says that maintaining your compassion will always be rewarded with having stability in your life either presently or in the near future. Also this card is a Major Arcana which I think is suggesting that this date is going to be insignificant in the grand scheme of things but the path you are on to self healing is amazing.

Lastly, I also noticed a lot of pentacles were pulled, and so I did a little research about it, and from what I read considering the topic and what I’ve learned so far it suggests a focus on the material aspects of the relationship. This relationship would have no spark because despite having a lot in common and being able to have fun together there is no emotional, intellectual, or spiritual bond in the relationship.

That’s it for this week! If you see anything I missed, have any general thoughts, or questions feel free to leave it in the comments. Thanks for reading and make sure to subscribe so you get notifications when I post. Merry Meet and Blessed Be!