Tarot Series~Minor Arcana: Eight of Cups

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When pulled upright this card is about a time of change. In order for this change to occur there is something you need to walk away from. We all need to transform ourselves throughout our lives now and again. This is especially true when you’re tired of living your everyday life. Now is the time to go on a journey that will bring you to a better understanding on life in general. This card shows that you aren’t happy with the way your life is right now and you need to get in touch with your higher purpose. You may have been trying a bunch of things without committing yourself to try and see what it is you want from life but it is becoming exhausting. It seems like you need to step out of your comfort zone and get away from what is familiar. This card typically shows that one is tired of the material world and is getting reading to undergo a spiritual journey.

When pulled in reverse this card is about being really confused because you are not sure what direction you should be going in life. This confusion is usually caused because you are not sure what path is best for you. This can often lead to people moving aimlessly through life with no real goals. They just go with wherever their life takes them. It is also possible that you are aware of all this and that you need to pick your path a go with it. You likely haven’t been happy for a little while now but in order to achieve the happiness you want you need to go down a new path. Leaving everything you know behind to pursue something new can be really scary as you are not only experiencing change but you are also leaving the comfort you’ve grown accustom to. This is all however necessary to get where you need to go. This causes a lot of people to be stuck in this limbo of making an important decision. I think a good, common, example of this is when you’re unhappy in a relationship. Do you continue being with this person despite being unhappy because it is comfortable? Or do you break up to find happiness elsewhere but experience the extreme discomfort of starting over? It is important to have courage and to believe you deserve the happiness you crave. 

Here is a tarot spread to help you on your path to transformation. First I would take the eight of cups out of the deck and mediate on it while thinking about what isn’t making you happy anymore. Then put the card back in the deck and shuffle and pull using your preferred method.


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Tarot Series~Minor Arcana: Ace of Cups

So last week we finished off the wand cards and today we are going to move on to the cups. The cup cards are associated with water (whereas wands was with fire). These cards often relate back to emotions, the unconscious, creativity, intuition, and relationships (romantic or platonic).


When pulled upright this card is about getting rid of your emotional baggage and starting to live your life to the fullest. This card shows a new beginning. You might find that it brings the opportunity to form a new relationship (romantic or platonic). What you need to let go of may be emotional or spiritual. The presence of this card is there to encourage you to turn over a new leaf. It is important to open yourself up to these opportunities. 

When pulled in reverse this card is about how you’ve been going through a lot of emotional turmoil. This card represents a loss and it is possible that something that once brought you joy is no longer bringing you that same joy. This card could also mean you are having a creative block. It is important to think about what has caused this card to be reversed and how you can fix it.

Here is a tarot spread to embrace the new beginnings this card might be bringing you. First I would take out the ace of cups and mediate on it while thinking about possible new beginnings for yourself. Then shuffle and pull using your preferred method.


Position One:
What must I let go of to make room for the new?
This position provides you with something in your life that no longer serves your highest good or is no longer needed as you proceed forward.

Position Two:
How can I embrace this ending?
This position gives you insight on how you can learn to accept this particular closing chapter of your life, especially if there is some strong resistance.

Position Three:
What obstacles do I need to be aware of as I move forward on this next phase of my life?
This position provides you with insight on any obstacles you may face along the way.

Position Four:
What freedom will this new beginning provide me?
This position provides you with how this new path will liberate you during this new phase of your life.

Position Five:
What is the best potential for this new beginning?
This position gives you insight on how this new beginning will benefit you in the best way.

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