The Diet of a Wiccan

In Wicca there are numerous different ideas on what is okay to eat and what isn’t. The answer to what is okay is completely based on your personal belief system.

Some Wiccans are totally vegan. They don’t eat any meat or animal by-product. That means no milk, no eggs, no honey, etc. The idea behind this is people believe anything that comes from an animal is harming that animal. They believe milking the cows is harmful (physically or emotionally), they believe eating eggs is harmful because it kills the chick embryo inside, they don’t eat honey because they believe the process one goes to get the honey safely is harmful to the bees. Essentially they take the line “harm none, do as ye will” and interpret it in a way that makes the only thing they can do is be vegan.

Then there are Wiccans who are vegetarians. So they eat animal by-products but not meat. When they interpret “harm none, do as ye will” they don’t view milking cows, eating eggs, and and taking honey as harmful. Or they believe as long as you are granted permission from these animals to use their by-products that it is okay.

There are numerous different types of vegetarians. Up until recently I have been a pollo vegetarian. This means that the only meat I eat is poultry. The only reason why I did this is because I don’t feel I could have healthily been a complete vegetarian, as I am a bit finicky compared to the average person.

Lastly, we have your typical meat eaters. I think there are 2 main types of meat eaters. You have the ethically sourced meat eaters and then you have just your average joe. I am currently trying to be an ethically sourced meat eater. This means I am looking to purchase my meat from farms that I know have treated their animals well before they were put on my plate. So you can do this by hunting yourself, you can purchase a whole cow at an auction for slaughter. You can also purchase at local farmers markets or buy free range meat.

As for the regular meat eater they just don’t believe “harm none, do as ye will” is referring to food consumption. They typically believe the purpose of an animal is to be eaten and that’s that.

There is no right or wrong answer though (thankfully). What people eat is ultimately up to them and no one (let me repeat: no one) should be shamed for the meat they eat or don’t eat. No one is right and no one is wrong. Everyone has their own path to walk.

Thank you for reading! What are your views on meat/animal by-product consumption? Let me know in the comments along with any other thoughts or questions. Also, make sure you follow me hear and on twitter so you get notifications on when I post. Until next time, Merry Meet and Blessed Be!

Breaking Down the Wiccan Rede

Wiccan’s do not have a book of rules and beliefs like many other religions do. Something we do have though is the Wiccan Rede, which is a few guidelines, that in general, all Wiccan’s follow. So today I will go over the Wiccan Rede (line by line) and break down what it means. Warning this is gonna be a long one boys and girls.

The Full Wiccan Rede:

Bide the Wiccan laws ye must , in perfect love and perfect trust. (So this is pretty self explanatory… It just says to follow the rules in the Wiccan rede)

Live and let live, fairly take and fairly give (What you take you must give back. For example if you cut a flower, leave a seed)

Cast the circle thrice about, to keep all evil spirits out. (When casting spells, or doing a ritual cast a circle. It is traditional to do it once with the athame or wand, once with incense, and once with water or salt but this is not always done in the modern age)

To bind the spell every time, let the spell be spoke in rhyme. (When this was wrote it was traditional to make spells rhyme, you are welcome to do that but it is no longer thought of as necessary)

Soft of eye and light of touch, speak ye little, listen much. ( The first part is about the “evil eye” so don’t stare at people, it’s rude. The second half is sound advice. We learn so much more from listening)

Deosil go by the waxing moon, sing and dance the Wiccan Rune. (Deosil means clockwise. The waxing moon is the period between new moon and full moon. It is a time to cast spells to increase things in your life, like money or love)

Widdershins go when the moon doth wane, and werewolf howls by the dread wolfbane. (Widdershins means counter clockwise. Waning moon means the phase of the moon between full moon and new moon. Now is the time for casting banishing spells, getting rid of bad habits, ect)

When the Lady’s moon is new, kiss the hand to her times two. (When there is a new moon it used to be tradition to send the moon 2 kisses. Back during the witch hunts it was dangerous to do as people knew it was the sign of a witch)

When the moon rides her peak, then your hearts desire seek. (The best time to do magick is at the full moon when the energy of the moon is the strongest)

Heed the North Winds mighty gale, lock the door and drop the sail. (This represents the winter season. Keep warm inside and avoid the storms. The sabbat Imbolc represents this)

When the wind comes from the South, love will kiss thee on the mouth. (Represents the spring season. it brings romance, and love. The sabbat Beltane represents this)

When the wind blows from the East expect the new and set the feast. (Represents the summer season. Brings change and unexpected visitors. The sabbat Lughnasadh represents this)

When the west wind blows o’er thee, departed spirits restless be. (Represents the autumn season. Brings departed souls to the Summerland. The sabbat Samhain represents this)

Nine woods heath the cauldron go, burn them quick and burn them slow. (9 different woods are put in a traditional Beltane fire)

Birch – represents the Goddess.

Oak – represents the God.

Rowan – represents the Tree of Life

Willow – known as Hecate’s tree, represents our journey to the Summerland

Hawthorn – represents the Fairy folk and purity

Hazel – represents wisdom and learning.

Apple – represents love and fertility.

Vine – represents joy and its juice is said to cause heightened awareness.

Fir – represents immortality and well suited to Beltane

Elder be ye Lady’s tree, burn it not or cursed ye’ll be. (The elder tree is the goddesses tree and should never be burned)

When the wheel begins to turn, let the Beltane fires burn. (On Beltane it is customary to have a bonfire)

When the wheel turned to Yule, light the log and let Pan rule. (On Yule it is customary to burn the yule log)

Heed ye flower, bush, and tree, by the lady blessed be. (Respect nature and take care of it)

Where the rippling waters go, cast a stone and truth ye’ll know. (This refers to water divination specifically but includes all divination)

When ye are in dire need, hearken not to others’ greed. (You should only cast magick when you or someone you know is in need)

With the fool no season spend, or be counted as his friend. (Choose your friends wisely)

Merry meet and merry part, bright the cheeks and warm the heart. (Express your happiness to see others. Don’t be afraid to let people know you care for them)

Mind the Threefold Law you should, Three times bad and Three times good. (whatever you put in the world, good or bad, will come back to you three times as powerful)

When misfortune is enow, wear the blue star on thy brow. (the star is the pentacle. When we are in trouble we should open our third eye and listen the the goddess and spirit guides for help)

True in lover ever be, unless thy lovers false to thee. (If you make a vow to your lover be true to it but if your lover breaks their vow your vow is annulled)

Eight words the Wiccan rede fulfill, an ye harm none, do what ye will. (Harm yourself and no one else. As long as no harm comes to anyone you can do as you will)

So that there is the Wiccan rede which I strive to live by. I hope you guys enjoyed! Please feel free to leave any comments! Merry Meet and Blessed Be!

An Overview of Wicca

So, before we start getting into the details of Wicca I thought it would be good to do an overview of the religion. 

First I guess it is important to know what Paganism is as Wicca is a form of Paganism. Paganism is an umbrella term for non Abrahamic religions. Some examples of these are Hinduism, Buddhism, Shamanism, and of course Wicca. They tend to be polytheist as well. So Wicca, a branch of Paganism, is a nature based religion. Wiccans believe in the preservation of our earth, they are mesmerized by the sun setting, the leaves falling, and the flowers budding. Also, in Wicca we do not worship the devil, Satan, demons, evil energies, what have you. We don’t believe in Satan (and any other name he goes by) as it is a Christian concept. As for demons and evil energies Wicca is a peaceful and harmonious religion and Wiccans do not go out of their way to work with such entities. It is a very old religion. There’s evidence that suggests it could be as old as 30 000 years old. This would suggest that Wicca is 28 000 years older than Christianity.

In Wicca it is common to practice witchcraft. Do understand though that not all witches are Wiccan and not all Wiccans are witches. In today’s society magick is still a relatively foreign and taboo subject but I assure you it is as real as you and me. It isn’t the magic you see at a show or in Harry Potter. It is simply the manipulation of energy around you to attract the things you need. In Wicca we also have rituals we do. We have rituals for different celebrations like 2 lovers uniting as one, a baby being born, or committing to Wicca. We also have rituals that we do on our own and can create ourselves to honour and worship the deities we believe in. I won’t go too far into the topic of deities though as that will be the topic of the next post. Along with witchcraft and rituals we do partake in different forms of divination and we also use herbs, candles, crystals, plants, and the like in our craft. These objects have different magickal properties that can be used in many ways.

In Wicca we also have our own holidays. The holidays to celebrate the sun are called Sabbats. There are 8 of them: Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Midsummer, Lughnasadh, Mabon, Samhain. These holidays make up the wheel of the year. The holidays to celebrate the moon are called esbats. They are a monthly occurrence and you can celebrate them whenever you like in that month but it is most common to celebrate on the full or new moon.

Wiccans also have a book of shadows that each Wiccan creates on their own. It is a book that is filled with their personal beliefs, thoughts, various information relative to the craft, spells they have done or created, as well as rituals they have done or created. Some Wiccans are very private about this book and not a soul is allowed to look in it but them. Others are more lenient about who may view their book of shadows.

Lastly, we do not have a religious book filled with rules and beliefs as no Wiccan believes in the exact same thing. We do however have what is called the Wiccan rede. It is equivalent to a few pages long and says the general beliefs and guidelines in Wicca. We will go further into it in a different post but the main idea of the Wiccan rede is “an ye harm none, do what ye will”.

Each of these topics and more will be covered in later posts. Thank you so much for reading. Please leave comments below with any questions or thoughts so far! Merry Meet and Blessed Be.

~Willowrose Moondancer