Tarot Series~Minor Arcana: Queen of Swords


When pulled upright this card represents a person who older and wiser. Due to being a queen card they tend to be of someone with femininity however the queen of swords is considered to be the most masculine queen card. This person may come off as very stern and emotionless. This card really encourages you to use your logic before making any decisions as relying on emotions is not the best idea in all circumstances. Despite this, this person does have compassion. They like to connect with others with their intellect. This card is also telling you that you need to be more independent with your judgments. You need to start using your intelligence to come up with your opinions. Take the time to research both sides of an issue before you come to a conclusion that way you aren’t biased. Empathy and compassion when coming to these conclusions is not beneficial as it can distract you from the facts. The goal is to stay objective. This card can also be about how we communicate with others. This card encourages you to be honest and blunt. This gets rid of any confusion and miscommunications. The person this card is referring to may talk like this and if that’s the case you need to communicate the same way back. They will appreciate it.

When pulled in reverse this card is about thinking too much with your heart rather than your brain. You are becoming to involved emotionally with the situation you’re in. This card is warning you to think logically more because your emotions could be leading you down the wrong path. Really take some time and think about the situation and what is actually happening, not what your emotions are assuming is happening. Only when you’ve done that will know what you need to do next. This card can also be about someone who is bitter, coldhearted, and resentful. There is a chance you’ve started to isolate yourself more for various reasons but the people who care about you may not understand your motive. Pushing others away could really strain your relationships so you may want to consider talking to those people and letting them know how you’re feeling. 

Sorry for the profanity but I feel like this tarot spread will help you when it comes to using your logical mind. It lets you focus in on what the issue is and gives you tips on how to start making your objective viewpoint. First I would take the queen of swords out of the deck and meditate on it thinking about what this issue/situation/disagreement/whatever is. Then shuffle and pull the cards using your preferred method.


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