Health benefits (herb and oil):


The diluted oil can be used to speed recovery of illnesses, (you can dilute the oil with coconut oil) or use the herb in a scrub to help with skin infections to boost healing, diluted oil can be taken orally to help with allergies, oil mixed with olive oil can be put on sore muscles and joints, dried oregano can be mixed with other herbs to create a facial steam to help with congestion and coughing. Warning: Oregano oil is not considered safe while pregnant. The herb is though.

Magickal Properties:

It is ruled by Venus and the element air. It is associated with Aphrodite. It is used in spells to bring happiness, tranquility, luck, health, protection, and letting go of a loved one. Can be used to deepen existing love. It can also be used to increase psychic dreams when used at night. It can be used to bring joy whether it is bringing joy in a handfasting or to help a deceased loved one find happiness in their next life.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quarts is known as the love stone. It sends vibrations of love, happiness, warmth, and emotional health. Works on your personal growth and spiritual development.


Chakra: Heart

Health: Keeps you calm under stress, can help with depression, insomnia, and other mental health issues, it also helps to keep your physical heart healthy, and it is said to help with your skin complexion. Rose Quartz is also often used during pregnancy. It is said to enhance the bond between mother and baby. If your baby has colic try putting rose quartz in the nursery and see if that helps.

Wealth: Stimulates intellect and imagination to make sure you never run out of ideas. It is good to bring along when starting a business, doing an interview, or making big purchases as it is said to bring good luck.

Love: It brings love and passion in your life. This love can be romantic or platonic. It can help you be less of a drama queen. Your emotions will relax and be at ease. Not only will it help bring love from others in your life but it will also help with self love and self esteem.

A great way to use rose quartz in your day to day life is to wear it in jewelry, especially a necklace as it will be close to your heart.

Wheel of the Year: Ostara

Hi everyone! So sorry for my absence. It’s been a crazy few weeks with school and my personal life. But today is Ostara for those of us in the North! So happy Ostara! (Mabon for the south).

So Ostara is the spring equinox which is between March 20th and 21st. It is the 3rd sabbat of the year. This day is the original “Easter”, if you will. Today day and night are equal and from this day until the Summer Solstice the days will become longer. On Ostara the god is gaining strength and the goddess is increasing in her fertility. The God and the Goddess are falling in love and move closer to their handfasting.

Now that spring is here it is customary to start your magickal herb garden, having chocolate, dying eggs, starting to plan what you will get rid of during spring cleaning, and as always it is a great time to go take a walk and observe nature and see what energies are around.

Goddesses that are usually celebrated this time of year (not limited to): Aphrodite (Greek), Eostre (Teutonic), Ma-Ku (Chinese), Lady of the Lake (Welsh-Cornish), Minerva (Roman), Isis (Egyptian), Rheda (Anglo-Saxon), Coatlicue (Aztec).

Gods that are usually celebrated this time of year (not limited to): Adonis (Greek), Lord of the Greenwood (English), Ovis (Roman Etruscan), Dylan (Welsh), Odin (Norse), Osiris (Egyptian), Attis (Persian), Mithras (Greco Persian).

Like with every sabbat it is customary to do a ritual to worship the gods and goddesses. Now is also a good time to do divination to see what your year has in store along with any magick you’d like to do especially for new beginnings.

Please leave in the comments how you plan to celebrate Ostara this year! Merry Meet and Blessed Be!


More About Spells! (Blue Healing Spell included)

I will be talking about what makes a spell work, types of spells and a few more examples of them.

So a spell is the build up of energy and then the release of said energy. When one creates a spell you are suppose to cast a circle around your space, like you do in a ritual. This circle acts as an invisible barrier to the rest of the world. It allows the energy created to be contained in one spot and build up. You can create more energy by doing a spell with a partner or group. Before you do your spell work you can also ask for gods and goddess to lend you their energy, along with the elements, spirit guides, or any other spirit. Also, different days of the year (like full moons) have more energy in the air already. Depending on the spell there are different ways to release the energy but most typically the energy is released by ending the circle.

In Wicca one of the things we like to do is relate things to colours. Our different types of magick is divided up by colour type. There are 5 main types of magick.

Red Magick:

It includes Love spells, fertility spells, and sexual spells. Red magick is typically meant to further relationships and to attract love. Can be used for both positive and negative magick.

Green Magick:

It includes money spells, luck enhancing spells, and success spells. Green magick typically encourages money into our lives one way or another. If you feel your palm itching it may be a good time for one of these spells. Can be used for both positive and negative magick.

Purple Magick:

This type of magick is for protective spells. It can be used for personal success or controlling others. This type of magick is typically meant for bending peoples will and getting people to do things that benefit you. It is considered to be the poor mans black magick.

Black Magick:

This type of magick is for revenge spells, jinx spells, and curses. Black magick is magick of ill intent and is only used negatively. There can be serious consequences for using this kind of magick.

White Magick:

This type of magick is for protection spells, healing spells, and blessing spells.This type of magick is meant to help yourself and others. This kind of magick is only positive.

Other Types of Magick/Spells:

Candle magick, elemental magick, herbalism, potions, kitchen magick, knot/cord magick, necromancy, jar magick, and sigil magick.

Here are some links to different spells for examples candle magick spellsMoney magick spellsEarth elemental magick spells

Wicca Series (Part 10): More About Spells

Anyone can cast spells. You don’t need any fancy equipment. You don’t have to follow a spell recipe exactly. The successful rate of spells is based more on the intent of the spell, the concentration, and the build up of energy, over exact directions. You can do everything the spell recipe says to do but it can be unsuccessful. Concentration, a clear mind, the right emotions, realistic desires, etc will make a spell successful.

Something to keep in mind, although I did list all of these types of magic, this does not mean all of these types are types that Wiccan’s use. I am going to be a little biased, maybe, here and state a possible opinion, as fact, but Wiccan’s firmly believe in harming none so no proper Wiccan to me would ever partake in any form of magick that would hurt others or manipulate other’s will.

Check out my first post about witchcraft here Witchcraft and Magickal Workings

I’d like to hear your thoughts (especially on the last thing I said about proper Wiccans) and any questions you may have. As always, Merry Meet and Blessed Be!

Witchcraft and Magickal Workings (Wealth knot spell included)

Wiccans can be a witch and witches can be Wiccans but they are not the same thing. Wicca is a religion whereas witchcraft is a practice. It is most common that Wicca’s practice witchcraft but it is not necessary just as it is not necessary for a Christian to go to church. So it is important that you don’t mix up the two.

Most people think that when we say magick we are referring to the supernatural magic that you see in fantasy novels and movies but it is actually not at all. The idea of magick is manipulating your energy, the energy of anyone doing magick with you, the energy of the elements earth, fire, air, and water, and any energy from deities and spirit guides. We then use other things such as herbs, crystals, phrases, candles, etc. And when using these things we can have very effective results.

So the first step that most people partake in is making a sacred circle around your workspace (your alter). One can do this in several ways. You can envision a white light coming out of your finger, wand, athame, or whatever it is you use and trace a circle around your workspace, you can also take your bosom (broom) and sweep around in a circle, you can outline the circle with crystals, candles, salt, or put a representation of each element in the 4 quarters, and the last example I can think of is to smudge your circle with sage. You can also do a combination of these things. The point of making a circle around your space is to get rid of negative energy from your space and to keep them out for the whole process.

This middle part is extremely diverse. Some people will meditate first, this is the time where they call upon the elements, deities, good energy, etc. Then the magick workings take place. The reasons for doing magick varies. You can do it for yourself, to help others, to improve an environment/situation, or anything in between.

Wealth Spell (Knot Magick)


  1. String, piece of yarn, rope, whatever, of a color that corresponds with the subject of your spell so green for money.
  2. Cauldron (or fire proof container)
  3. Lighter/matches


  1. After you mediate and ground create your sacred circle and invite those you want to join you
  2. Tie a knot for each thing you want to happen. ex)let’s say you have 3 things you want to happen… a permanent job, money for rent, and money for groceries. So you tie a knot for each thing you want to happen.
  3. Release the energy from within the knots (There are different ways to release the energy to start the spell. It varies from person to person. What I like to do it burn the yarn which starts the magick.)
  4. To end, thank all the elements, deities, etc that loaned their energy and then break the circle.

Often you will find that the rent money won’t just fall in your lap but you’ll be provided a way to get it.

It sounds very easy to do magick but it honestly takes a lot of concentration and focus.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to leave any comments or questions! Merry Meet and Blessed Be.

Altars and Tools

Not on time this week but we’re getting closer. I swear that for some reason Saturday’s just decide to get busy. If I can’t figure it out soon I’ll adjust the posting schedule.

So, altars… I feel like a lot of people have a bad idea of what altars are. I think a misconception of altars when in reference to Wicca or witchcraft as it has something to do with a sacrifice…. it has to do with a cult, all that jazz. But think about it like this. Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc they all have a place where they go and they worship…. Unless you’re in a coven, which is a group of witches who gather together to do rituals and spells (and even then it is nice to be able to worship on your own sometimes), you have no where to worship. So we make altars.

Altars are typically some sort of table like area (a flat surface) where Wiccans do rituals and spellwork.On it is typically a pentacle or two as a pentacle is like a Christian’s cross. There is also usually a chalice of water to represent water obviously, a candle to represent fire, incense to represent the air, and crystals to represent earth. There are other objects you can use to represent these elements as well but this is most commonly done.

Depending on the time of year one will also decorate there altar for the season so spring flowers, feathers from birds in the summer, acorns and leaves in the fall, and in the winter pine needles, etc. It is also customary to decorate for specific sabbats.

Some people have particular gods and goddesses they worship so they may also choose to add decorations to honour them or even stuff to honour their ancestors.

As for tools we have:

The Athame:

It is a knife used for casting the circle, it should never be used to cut or cause harm.

The Chalice:

It is used to hold water or wine which is used as a way to share meal and drink with the gods and goddess

The Wand:

Some people have a wand. It is typically made by hand so it best represents said Wiccan but it can be bought. It is used to direct energy in a ritual. You can cast a circle with it as well.

The Pentacle:

It is a 5 pointed star in a circle. It represents earth, air, water, fire, and spirit.

The Cauldron:

Often just a small one that is put on the altar. It can hold water, candles, incense, crystals. Great for rituals or spellwork that involves burning something. Most commonly they are cast-iron.


Different coloured candles can be used to represent different things. For example I use the white candle to represent the goddess and a red candle to represent the god.


You won’t find them on the altar but you may find them beside them. They are brooms, typically hand crafted. Used to sweep away negative energy.

So that sums up today’s post. I hope you guys leave any comments or questions. Any specific requests for posts are also welcome. Merry Meet and Blessed Be!

More of What Wiccans Believe in

So we have already established who/what Wiccans worship but let’s talk more about what they believe in.

The majority of Wiccan’s believe that the Divine can be found in nature. So nature should be honoured and respected. The plants, animals, soil, the elements, they are all considered to be sacred. Due to this you will find that many Wiccan’s are very passionate about the environment.

We believe in a version of Karma. The threefold law. That whatever you put out into the world will come back to you in threefold. Different people interpret that law in different ways. Some believe that if you curse someone something 3 times as bad as what you cursed them with will happen to you. For me I believe that if I were to curse someone something of that same level would not only happen to me physically but something as bad would also happen to me mentally and spiritually. To tie in with this concept we have our version of the golden rule “an it harm none, do what ye will“.

We also have a deep connection with our ancestors. The majority of us believe that we can connect to the spiritual world, we also feel as though our ancestors watch over us and give us advice all our life.

Wiccan’s also believe in Magick, ever Wiccan’s idea of Wicca is different so I will share my idea of what it is. To me Magick is using your energy, the energy of the earth, and the energy of the divine to manifest what you are looking for. If you are familiar with the book/movie “the secret” I find it a more powerful version of that.

We also believe that we are all responsible for our actions, good or bad and we much deal with the consequences of our behaviours.

Lastly we also don’t believe in converting others like many religions do. As Wiccan’s we understand that everyone has their own path.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to leave a comment below. Merry Meet and Blessed Be.

An Overview of Wicca

So, before we start getting into the details of Wicca I thought it would be good to do an overview of the religion. 

First I guess it is important to know what Paganism is as Wicca is a form of Paganism. Paganism is an umbrella term for non Abrahamic religions. Some examples of these are Hinduism, Buddhism, Shamanism, and of course Wicca. They tend to be polytheist as well. So Wicca, a branch of Paganism, is a nature based religion. Wiccans believe in the preservation of our earth, they are mesmerized by the sun setting, the leaves falling, and the flowers budding. Also, in Wicca we do not worship the devil, Satan, demons, evil energies, what have you. We don’t believe in Satan (and any other name he goes by) as it is a Christian concept. As for demons and evil energies Wicca is a peaceful and harmonious religion and Wiccans do not go out of their way to work with such entities. It is a very old religion. There’s evidence that suggests it could be as old as 30 000 years old. This would suggest that Wicca is 28 000 years older than Christianity.

In Wicca it is common to practice witchcraft. Do understand though that not all witches are Wiccan and not all Wiccans are witches. In today’s society magick is still a relatively foreign and taboo subject but I assure you it is as real as you and me. It isn’t the magic you see at a show or in Harry Potter. It is simply the manipulation of energy around you to attract the things you need. In Wicca we also have rituals we do. We have rituals for different celebrations like 2 lovers uniting as one, a baby being born, or committing to Wicca. We also have rituals that we do on our own and can create ourselves to honour and worship the deities we believe in. I won’t go too far into the topic of deities though as that will be the topic of the next post. Along with witchcraft and rituals we do partake in different forms of divination and we also use herbs, candles, crystals, plants, and the like in our craft. These objects have different magickal properties that can be used in many ways.

In Wicca we also have our own holidays. The holidays to celebrate the sun are called Sabbats. There are 8 of them: Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Midsummer, Lughnasadh, Mabon, Samhain. These holidays make up the wheel of the year. The holidays to celebrate the moon are called esbats. They are a monthly occurrence and you can celebrate them whenever you like in that month but it is most common to celebrate on the full or new moon.

Wiccans also have a book of shadows that each Wiccan creates on their own. It is a book that is filled with their personal beliefs, thoughts, various information relative to the craft, spells they have done or created, as well as rituals they have done or created. Some Wiccans are very private about this book and not a soul is allowed to look in it but them. Others are more lenient about who may view their book of shadows.

Lastly, we do not have a religious book filled with rules and beliefs as no Wiccan believes in the exact same thing. We do however have what is called the Wiccan rede. It is equivalent to a few pages long and says the general beliefs and guidelines in Wicca. We will go further into it in a different post but the main idea of the Wiccan rede is “an ye harm none, do what ye will”.

Each of these topics and more will be covered in later posts. Thank you so much for reading. Please leave comments below with any questions or thoughts so far! Merry Meet and Blessed Be.

~Willowrose Moondancer

Meet Me, Willowrose Moondancer!

Hello! My magickal name is Willowrose Moondancer (or at least that’s what I’m trying out for now).  I’m 19 (20 in a couple months). I’m a student at my local college for Early Childhood Education. I’ll be done the program in June and going to hopefully be working in a daycare/preschool. I’m in a 5 year relationship with the love of my life. Oh and I have a really cute kitten named Mango.


My religious journey starts when I was born. I was baptised and raised as a Christian in the united church. I went to church as a little kid with my grandparents and then I stopped for some time. I went to bible camps growing up too. In my preteen years I started going back to church with my grandparents I got confirmed there. Then my dad started going to a baptist church. I then started going to that church instead. When I was around 15 I started believing less and less in the Christian god and was only going to church because I thought my dad would be disappointed in me. I did eventually stop going (he was not disappointed and now actually identifies as Pagan) and became agnostic. Agnosticism though didn’t feel right to me. I needed something to believe in and I wanted it to have a name. So I did research about religions for a lot of grade 11 and discovered Paganism and for awhile I was happy with that. For me though Pagan was such a broad term. I wanted something more specific so I did more and more digging. I found Wicca and although all the religious aspects of Wicca made sense to me I didn’t know how I felt about magick as it was so taboo. So I ignored Wicca even though I was Wiccan at heart. This was a battle for me all through grade 12. Then when I was 18/19 I did a lot more research and thought more about magick and decided I believed in magick but didn’t want to do it so I was a non magick practicing Wiccan. I started celebrating the Sabbats that year. I slowly started telling my boyfriend my beliefs (he’s agnostic). The following school year (the one I am in now 19/20) I am completely transitioning from celebrating “Christian” holidays and Wiccan Sabbats to just Wiccan Sabbats. I am still doing more research because there is never a point where there is no more to learn. So I guess what I am saying is that I may not have been practicing Wicca for a very long time but I am passionate about it, I love it, and we can learn all about it together.

This blog is all about Wicca. What it is, what we believe in, all about magick, rituals, alters, ect. All though there are more and more sources for Wicca these days it is still a religion more difficult to find some good information on. The hope is for this to be an easy to read resource for beginners and people interested in Wicca. I don’t have an exact schedule yet but I am going to try out posting on Wednesdays and maybe Saturdays.

I encourage people to comment with their opinions or questions. I am okay with friendly discussions with nonbelievers, as this is a place to learn and exchange thoughts, but no demeaning or negative comments will be left not deleted as this is a safe space for those wanting to learn. You can also send me private messages if there is anything you feel like sharing privately (be it a personal experience, comment, or question) at wiccans_arent_wicked@hotmail.com

I hope you all enjoy! Merry Meet and Blessed Be.